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Atoms in Astronomy: A Curriculum Project of the American Astronomical Society, NASA, and the National Science Foundation. Paul A. Blanchard.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1976. 31, wraps, illus., figures, references, glossary.
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Advanced Materials Technology. NASA Conference Publication 2251. Charles P. Blankenship, Louis A. Teichman, comps.
Hampton, VA: NASA Langley Research Center, 1982. Quarto, 440, wraps, illus., charts, tables, references, paper clips in margins of several pages, pencil notes on front cover.
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Outer Space: Prospects for Man & Society. Lincoln Palmer Bloomfield, ed.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1962. First? Edition. First? Printing. 203, footnotes, few library markings, tape marks on DJ and boards.
[Book #40766]
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Space Rescue and Safety, 1975. Philip H. Bolger, ed.
San Diego, CA: American Astronautical Soc. 1976. First? Edition. First? Printing. 217, illus.
[Book #40569]
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Science with the Constellation-X Observatory. Jay Bookbinder, Harvey Tananbaum, Patricia Tyler, Azita Valina, Kim Weaver, Nicholas White.
Greenbelt, MD: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1999. Second Printing [stated]. Wraps. Format is approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches. ii 48, [2] pages plus covers. Color illustrations. References. Jay Bookbinder became Director of Programs and Projects at NASA Ames. Dr. Tananbaum served as Director of the Chandra X-Ray Center (CXC) at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass. from 1991-2014. The CXC is responsible for operating the Chandra X-Ray Observatory in orbit, for supporting the broad community of scientists who observe with Chandra, and for disseminating the Chandra science results to the public. Dr. Tananbaum received his B. A. in physics from Yale University in 1964, and his Ph.D. in physics from MIT in 1968. He began his career as a Staff Scientist at American Science & Engineering, Inc., and has been an Astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) since 1973. He directed SAO's High Energy Astrophysics Division from 1981 through 1993.
[Book #75814]
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Countdown: An Autobiography. Frank Borman, Robert J. Serling.
New York: William Morrow, 1988. First Edition. First Printing. 448, illus., index, library stamps to text & fore-edge crossed out in marker, slight soiling to DJ (no library markings).
[Book #15316]
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Countdown: An Autobiography. Frank Borman, Robert J. Serling.
New York: William Morrow and Company, 1988. First Edition. First Printing. 448, illus., index, minor creases to DJ edges.
[Book #55292]
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Countdown; An Autobiography. Frank Borman, Robert J. Serling.
Norwalk, CT: The Easton Press, 1997. Collector's Edition, Number 1103 of 3000. Hardcover. 448, [2] pages. Frontis (color). Illustrations. Index, Removed from original shrinkwrap for cataloguing. The Easton Press's books are known for their elegant covers. Each book has the following features: Bound in genuine leather; Spine accented with 22 kt gold; Printed on archival paper; and Gilded page edges. The special contents of this edition were copyrighted in 1997 by The Easton Press. Facsimile signature of Frank Borman on front cover. Authentic signature of Frank Borman is on the Collector's Edition page above the number of the limited edition. Laid in is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Frank Borman and dated 21 Oct 1996 and witnessed by Patricia M. Gonzalez and dated 10-21-96. The certificate indicated that the Author received 25 additional unnumbered copies over and above the 3000 individually numbered copies. The Certificate is also signed by Roy S. Pfeil, Publisher. Thus, there are two Frank Borman autographs! Also laid in is an unattached Easton bookplate.
[Book #75497]
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Martian Fossils on Earth? The Story of Meteorite ALH 84001. Alfred B. Bortz.
Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press, c1997. First Printing. 24 cm, 72, library binding, illus. (some in color), usual library markings.
[Book #20730]
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Life from a Planetary Perspective: Fundamental Issues in Global Ecology. Daniel B. Botkin.
Washington, DC: NASA, 1980. Quarto, 49, wraps, tables, references. Also contains a Dept. of Energy memorandum on this program, & a description of NASA carbon work.
[Book #16066]
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The High Road. Ben Bova.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1981. First Printing [Stated]. Hardcover. x, 289, [1] pages. Index. Preface by Senator Harrison H. Schmitt. Signed by author on title page. Ink notation inside front cover. DJ has wear, soiling, edge tears and chips. Benjamin William "Ben" Bova (born November 8, 1932) is an American writer. He is the author of more than 120 works of science fact and fiction, he is six-time winner of the Hugo Award, a former editor of Analog Magazine, a former editorial director of Omni; he was also president of both the National Space Society and the Science Fiction Writers of America. Bova worked as a technical writer for Project Vanguard in the 1950s and later for the Avco Everett Research Laboratory[9] in the 1960s. when they conducted research in lasers and fluid dynamics. In 1972, Bova became editor of Analog Science Fact & Fiction, after John W. Campbell's death in 1971. At Analog, Bova won six Hugo Awards for Best Professional Editor. After leaving Analog in 1978, Bova went on to edit Omni, from 1978 to 1982. Bova holds the position of President Emeritus of the National Space Society.
[Book #74774]
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Space Among Us: Some Effects of Space Research on Society. X-207-72-27. Charles P. Boyle.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1973. 133, wraps, illus., tables, references, appendices, index, slight wear to cover edges.
[Book #14915]
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Space Telescope. Franklyn Mansfield Branley.
New York: Crowell, c1985. First Edition. 24 cm, 66, illus., index, usual library markings.
[Book #20370]
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Cronkite. Douglas Brinkley.
New York, NY: HarperCollins, 2012. First Edition [stated]. First Printing [stated]. Hardcover. Glued binding. Paper over boards. xi, [1], 819, [1] p. Illustrations, black & white. Biographical Glossary. Notes. Author's Interviews. Index.
[Book #70385]
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Jane's Avionics, Fifth Edition, 1986-87. Stephen R. Broadbent, ed.
London: Jane's Publishing Company, 1986. Fifth Edition. Presumed First Printing. Hardcover. 33 cm, 540 pages. Illustrations. Ink mark to first advertising page, boards scuffed and scratched.
[Book #20365]
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Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1974; A Chronology. Nancy L. Brun.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1977. Wraps. vii, [1], 320, [4] pages. Wraps. Index. List of abbreviations and acronyms. Errata in earlier volumes. NASA SP-4019. Covers somewhat worn/soiled, some edge soiling. Slightly warped. Astronautics (or cosmonautics) is the theory and practice of navigation beyond Earth's atmosphere. The term astronautics was coined in the 1920s by J.-H. Rosny, president of the Goncourt academy, in analogy with aeronautics. Because there is a degree of technical overlap between the two fields, the term aerospace is often used to describe both at once. In 1930, Robert Esnault-Pelterie published the first book on the new research field. As with aeronautics, the restrictions of mass, temperatures, and external forces require that applications in space survive extreme conditions: high-grade vacuum, the radiation bombardment of interplanetary space and the magnetic belts of low Earth orbit. Space launch vehicles must withstand titanic forces, while satellites can experience huge variations in temperature in very brief periods. Extreme constraints on mass cause astronautical engineers to face the constant need to save mass in the design in order to maximize the actual payload that reaches orbit. The early history of astronautics is theoretical: the fundamental mathematics of space travel was established by Isaac Newton in his 1687 treatise Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. By the early 1920s, American Robert Goddard was developing liquid-propellant rockets, which would in a few brief decades become a critical component in the designs of such famous rockets as the V-2 and Saturn V.
[Book #47303]
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The National Air and Space Museum. C. D. B. Bryan, Courtlandt Dixon Barnes.
New York: Bantam, 1982. 29 cm, 157, wraps, illus. (some color), appendix, chronology, some wear to covers.
[Book #20347]
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Into the Thermosphere: The Atmosphere Explorers. NASA SP-490. Eric Burgess, Douglass Torr.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1987. Quarto, 172, illus. (some color), figures, appendices, bibliography, library stamps, barcode, & due slip, boards scuffed & edges worn.
[Book #14823]
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Into the Thermosphere: The Atmosphere Explorers. NASA SP-490. Eric Burgess, Douglass Torr.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1987. Quarto, 172, illus. (some color), figures, appendices, bibliography, small tear inside front hinge, some wear to spine edges.
[Book #42831]
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TOPS, Toward Other Planetary Systems: A Report. Bernard F. Burke, ed.
Washington, DC: NASA, 1992. First? Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 120, wraps, illus., references, covers somewhat worn and soiled.
[Book #43997]
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Dragonfly: NASA and the Crisis Aboard Mir. Bryan Burrough.
New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, c1998. First Edition. First Printing. 25 cm, 528, wraps, color illus., index.
[Book #36621]
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Dragonfly: NASA and the Crisis Aboard the MIR. Bryan Burrough.
New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, c1998. First Edition. First Printing. 25 cm, 528, illus. (some in color), two library stamps, rough spots inside boards The true story of how a joint Russian-American crew narrowly survived fire, blackouts, leaks, docking failures, mechanical breakdowns, and a collision. Based on interviews with the cosmonauts, astronauts, ground controllers, and scientists.
[Book #20541]
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Dragonfly: NASA and the Crisis Aboard the MIR. Bryan Burrough.
New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, c1998. First Edition. First Printing. 25 cm, 528, illus. (some in color).
[Book #20542]
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Dragonfly: NASA and the Crisis Aboard the MIR. Bryan Burrough.
New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1998. First Edition. First Printing. Hardcover. 25 cm, 528 pages. Illus. (some in color), index, slight wear to DJ edges. Presentation copy inscribed and signed by the author. INSCRIBED.
[Book #23291]
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This New Ocean: The Story of the First Space Age. William E. Burrows.
New York: Random House, 1998. First Edition. First Printing. 723, illus., notes, sources, index, rear DJ flap creased.
[Book #20543]
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