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Outer Space and Inner Sanctums: Government, Business, and Satellite Communication. Michael E. Kinsley.
New York: Wiley, c1976. First Printing. 24 cm, 280, some soiling to DJ, some wear to DJ edges.
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Lost in Space; The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age. Greg Klerkx.
New York: Pantheon Books, 2004. First Edition [Stated], First Printing [Stated]. Hardcover. Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. [8], 392 pages. Illustrations. References Notes. Index. The author has written that "I began my career as a journalist in California, where I won awards for feature, commentary and investigative writing. I have written journalism and essays consistently since then and have also published two books, Lost in Space and The Emissary. In the past few years, I’ve taken my journalism and essayist work in a new direction through organizational ‘impact’ writing: positioning ideas, projects, research and people in the public eye through writing. To date, I’ve done impact writing for the London School of Economics and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and this is an area of work I’m keen to develop further.
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Handbook of the Physical Properties of the Planet Venus. NASA SP-3029. L. R. Koenig.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1967. 132, wraps, illus., tables, figures, charts, references, glossary, library stamps & markings (some crossed out in black marker).
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Handbook of the Physical Properties of the Planet Venus. NASA SP-3029. L. R. Koenig, F. W. Murray, C. M. Michaux, H. A. Hyatt.
Place_Pub: Washington, DC: NASA, 1967. First? Edition. First? Printing. 23 cm, 132, wraps, illus., figures, tables, references, glossary, some wear, soiling, & sticker residue to covers.
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The Voyager Neptune Travel Guide; JPL Publication 89-24. Charles Kohlhase, ed.
Pasadena, CA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration and California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1989. Wraps. X, 276 pages. Wraps. Illustrations. Maps. Figures. Tables. Charts. Acronyms (alphabet soup) Folded chart & fact card in pocket at rear. Index. Rear flyleaf torn out. Ex-library with usual library markings. Covers soiled and corners bent, library sticker on spine. Charles (“Charley”) Kohlhase (born August 15, 1935 in Knoxville, Tennessee) worked for forty years at NASA/JPL leading the design of several robotic deep-space planetary missions. Kohlhase led the design of many deep-space missions during his extended career, including Mariner, Viking, Voyager, and Cassini missions. For his sustained robotic exploration contributions over the last 40 years of the 20th century and solid success record, he received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal and has an asteroid (13801 Kohlhase) named in his honor. He managed and guided the team which designed the epic Voyager Grand Tour mission to the outer planets and their moons and rings.
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Exploring the Universe With the IUE Satellite. Yoji Kondo, W. Wamsteker, Willem.
Dordrecht: D. Reidel, c1987. First? Edition. First? Printing. 26 cm, 787, bibliography, index. Foreword by L. Spitzer, Jr. Astrophysics and Space Science Library, v. 129.
[Book #34063]
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Space Access and Utilization Beyond 2000. Yoji Kondo, Charles Sheffield, Frederick C. Bruhweiler, eds.
San Diego, CA: American Astronautical Soc, 2001. First Printing. 224, wraps, illus., figures, chapter references, appendices, index.
[Book #56806]
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Space Age in Fiscal Year 2001. Eugene B. Konecci, Maxwell W., Hunter, Robert F. Trapp, eds.
Washington, DC: American Astronautical Soc. 1967. First? Edition. First? Printing. 446, illus., diagrams, few library markings, pencil erasure on front endpaper, ink tick on table of contents.
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Telescopes in Space. Zdenek Kopal.
New York: Hart Publishing Company, 1970. First? Edition. First? Printing. 256, illus., tables, index, usual library markings, front DJ flap price clipped, "book sale" stamped on bottom edge.
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Telescopes in Space. Zdenek Kopal.
New York: Hart Publishing Company, 1970. First? Edition. First? Printing. 256, illus., tables, index, bookplate inside front flyleaf, DJ edges worn and small edge tears.
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The Moon as Viewed by Lunar Orbiter. NASA SP-200. L. J. Kosofsky, Farouk El-Baz.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1970. Oversized, 152, profusely illus., appendix, maps, tables, glue stain inside rear board, some discoloration inside rear flyleaf.
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The Moon as Viewed by Lunar Orbiter. NASA SP-200. L. J. Kosofsky, Farouk El-Baz.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1970. Oversized, 152, profusely illus., appendix, maps, tables, some wear to boards, some discoloration inside hinges.
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Beyond the Moon; A Golden Age of Planetary Exploration 1971-1978. Robert S. Kraemer.
Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2000. First Printing [Stated]. xxix, [1], 270, [2] pages. Foreword by Roger D. Launius. List of Abbreviations. Illustrations (some in color). Appendix by Roger D. Launius. Notes. References. Index. Ex-library with usual markings. DJ in a plastic sleeve taped to boards. Signed by author on title page. Robert Samuel Kraemer (October 21, 1928 – August 20, 2013) was an American aerospace engineer who served as Director of Planetary Programs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration from 1971 to 1976. Robert Kraemer was hired by the rocket division of North American Aviation where he designed rocket engines. Kraemer served as the head of Advanced Design at Rocketdyne for over a decade, designing or overseeing the development of the engines that powered Jupiter, Thor, Atlas, and Saturn rockets. Kraemer left Rocketdyne to join The Aeronautic Division of the Ford Motor Company (prime contractor for the Ranger series of lunar landers) in the Fall of 1961, where he was promoted to chief engineer for Space Systems. Kraemer joined NASA in 1967 to manage the Voyager Mars Surface Laboratory, a program that was canceled within months of his arrival. He was then appointed as manager of Advanced Planetary Programs and Technology, and immediately began plans for a Mars orbiter. Beginning in 1969, he also chaired the Outer Planets Working Group (OPWG), which met monthly to review competing mission plans under development to explore the outer planets, and make recommendations.
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Flight: My Life in Mission Control. Chris Kraft.
New York: Dutton Books, 2001. First Printing. 320, illus., index, black mark on bottom edge, slight wear and some sticker residue to DJ, pencil erasure on front endpaper.
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Failure is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond. Gene Kranz.
New York: Simon & Schuster Books, 2000. Fourth Printing. 415, illus., appendix, glossary, index, pencil erasure on front endpaper.
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Fifth Annual Workshop on Space Operations Applications and Research (SOAR '91): Proceedings of a Workshop, Volume II. Kumar Krishen, ed.
Washington, DC: NASA, 1992. First? Edition. First? Printing. 355, wraps, v.2 only, illus., diagrams, references, index, usual library markings, pp. 781-782 loose but present.
[Book #41082]
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Beyond Earth: The Future of Humans in Space. Bob Krone, Kenneth Cox, Langdon Morris, Associate.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada: Apogee Books, 2006. Presumed first edition/first printing. Trade paperback. Cover has folded flaps back and front. 296 pages. Illustrations (a few in color). Glossary. Bibliography. Foreword by Edgar Mitchell, Captain, USN (Ret) Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot. This is an Aerospace Technology Working Group sponsored book. Bob Krone is a global educator, author, and consultant in Advanced Management theory and practice. He is President of the Kepler Space Institute; An Emeritus Professor of the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, U.S.A. (1975-1993); was a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Business at La Sierra University in Riverside, California, U.S.A.(1992-2007); and an Adjunct Professor for Doctoral Programs in the International Graduate School of Business at the University of South Australia (1995-present). He authored or co-authored seven books and 72 professional journal articles.
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Inside the Space Race; A Space Surgeon's Diary. Lawrence E. Lamb.
Austin, TX: Synergy Books, 2006. First Printing [Stated]. Hardcover. 424, [4] pages. Illustrations. Appendices. The corner of some pages have been creased. Dr. Lawrence ("Larry") E. Lamb is known to millions who read his daily, nationally syndicated column, as it appeared for 24 years. Earlier, he was a key scientist for the nation s man-in-space program and later professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. He gives the reader an inside look at the events, personalities and clashes among the individuals who led and developed the program that enabled the United States to beat the Soviets and send astronauts to the moon. He developed the medical examinations used to select the astronauts, and for everyone who has gone to the moon. Dr. Lamb has written many books, and was a consultant to the President s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports for 30 years. He received the Distinguished Civilian Service Award, the highest award the Department of Defense can give to a civilian, for his contributions to the nation.
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The Space Telescope. Christopher Lampton.
New York: Franklin Watts, 1987. 70, illus., reading list, index, title page torn out, library stickers on boards. Book for young readers The Hubble Space Telescope.
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Overview of Advanced Radioisotope Power Systems; For the Staff of E. Fenton Carey, Special Assistant to the Secretary for Space Programs. Robert Lange.
Washington DC: U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Special Applications, 1991. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Wraps. 55 sheets, with information and images (illustrations) on one side only. Staple bound in upper right corner. This briefing was presented on June 28, 1991. Rare surviving of program briefing. A radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG, RITEG) is an electrical generator that uses an array of thermocouples to convert the heat released by the decay of a suitable radioactive material into electricity by the Seebeck effect. This generator has no moving parts. RTGs have been used as power sources in satellites, space probes, and unmanned remote facilities such as a series of lighthouses built by the former Soviet Union inside the Arctic Circle. RTGs are usually the most desirable power source for unmaintained situations that need a few hundred watts (or less) of power for durations too long for fuel cells, batteries, or generators to provide economically, and in places where solar cells are not practical. Safe use of RTGs requires containment of the radioisotopes long after the productive life of the unit.
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Magsat Data Management Plan. R. A. Langel, J. H. Berbert.
Greenbelt, MD: Goddard Space Flight Center, 1979. Quarto, 26, wraps, figures, tables, glossary, X's on front cover, some soiling to covers.
[Book #11047]
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Man and Space: The Next Decade. Ralph Eugene Lapp.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1961. First Edition. Hardcover. 183 pages. Illus., glossary, index, inscription on front endpaper, DJ worn, soiled, and edge tears. Signed by the author. SIGNED.
[Book #41322]
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All We Did Was Fly to the Moon: A Mini-History of America's Manned Moon Program. Dick Lattimer.
Gainesville, FL: The Whispering Eagle Press, 1988. Second Printing. Wraps. 144 pages. Wraps, illus. (some in color), index, covers somewhat worn, soiled, and creased. Signed by the author. SIGNED.
[Book #49934]
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Space Station Friendship: A Visit with the Crew in 2007. Dick Lattimer.
Hasrrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1988. First Edition. First Printing. Hardcover. 240 pages. Illus., index, some sticker residue to DJ. Foreword by Eugene Cernan (the last man to walk on the moon). Signed by the author.
[Book #41037]
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NASA's CICT Program: Creating Innovative Technology for Mission Success. Larry Laufenberg, ed.
Moffett Field, CA: Ames Research Center, c. 2001? 17, wraps, illus. (some in color), mailing label and mail stamp on rear cover.
[Book #46761]
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