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The First Lunar Landing, as Told by the Astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, & Collins in a Post-flight Press Conference. NASA EP-73. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin Aldrin, Jr.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1970. Oversized, 24, wraps, profusely illus. in color, covers somewhat foxed and soiled, some wear to spine edge.
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The First Lunar Landing, as Told by the Astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, & Collins in a Post-flight Press Conference. NASA EP-73. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin Aldrin, Jr.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1969. 20th Anniversary Edition. Wraps. Oversized, 24, wraps, profusely illus. in color, covers somewhat soiled.
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Man in Space: An Illustrated History of Spaceflight. H. J. P. Arnold, ed.
New York: Smithmark Publishers, 1993. oversized, 240, profusely illus. in color, book has been separated from binding and reglued/repaired, usual library markings, DJ in plastic sl DJ edges chipped and worn.
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Revolutionary Atmosphere: The Story of the Altitude Wind Tunnel and the Space Power Chambers, SP-2010-4319. Robert S. Arrighi.
Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA History Division, 2010. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. xviii, 392, [4] pages. Monographs in Aerospace History. Illustrations. Bibliographic Essay. Interview List. List of Images. Index. Robert S. Arrighi is an archivist and historian at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. He has worked on numerous textual and audiovisual collections, many of which have been central for his histories of several historic test facilities at the Center. He is the coauthor of NASA’s Nuclear Frontier (2004) and author of Revolutionary Atmosphere: History of the Altitude Wind Tunnel and Space Chambers (2010), Pursuit of Power: NASA Glenn’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory No. 1 and 2 (2012), and other works. He has also curated complementary websites and interactives. His Altitude Wind Tunnel Interactive CD-ROM won SHFG’s Powell Award in 2009.
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From the Moon to the Space Station and Beyond; Space Operations. Arthur D. Little.
Arthur D. Little. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Wraps. Format is approximately 8.25 inches by 11.75 inches. 16 pages [pages 1/2 and 15/16 duplicated and bound in. Illustrations. Scarce business advertisement/ephemera. Arthur D. Little is an international management consulting firm originally headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and formally incorporated by that name in 1909 by Arthur Dehon Little, an MIT chemist who had discovered acetate. Arthur D. Little pioneered the concept of contracted professional services. The company played key roles in the development of business strategy, operations research, the word processor, the first synthetic penicillin, LexisNexis, SABRE and NASDAQ. Today the company is a multi-national management consulting firm operating as a partnership.
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Scientific Experiments for Manned Orbital Flight: Proceedings of the 3rd Goddard Memorial Symposium on Scientific Experiments. Peter C. Badgley, ed.
Washington, DC: Am Astronautical Society, 1965. First? Edition. First? Printing. 358, illus., references, usual library markings.
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Spacelab, Space Platforms, and the Future. Peter M. Bainum, Dietrich E. Kolle.
San Diego, CA: Univelt, c1982. 25 cm, 489, illus., usual library markings.
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Space in the 1980's and Beyond: 17th European Space Symposium. Peter M. Bainum, ed.
San Diego, CA: American Astronautical Soc. 1981. First? Edition. First? Printing. 292, binding missing.
[Book #41031]
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Scientific American: Inventions from Outer Space. Everyday Uses for NASA Technology. David Baker.
New York: Random House Reference Pub. 2000. First Edition. First Printing. 128, illus., index, usual library markings, DJ in plastic sleeve, DJ pasted to boards "Scientific American" presents over 60 inventions developed by NASA for use in space and shows how they are used every day on Earth. Vividly designed spreads and clear diagrams explain how each works. Organized by subject, with cross-references.
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Space Shuttle. David Baker.
New York: Crown Publishers Inc. 1979. First Edition. Oversized, 64, wraps, profusely illus. (many in color), index, some weakness to covers, covers somewhat soiled and edges worn.
[Book #14816]
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Space Communications. A. V. ed. Balakrishnan, E. Rechtin.
New York: McGraw-Hill, [1963]. Hardcover. 24 cm, 422 pages, illustrations. Name written in ink inside front board, DJ worn, torn in places, and missing small pieces. Space Communications can be defined as communications between a vehicle in outer space and Earth, using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). Provision for such communication is an essential requirement of any space mission. The total communication system ordinarily includes (1) command, the transmission of instructions to the spacecraft; (2) telemetry, the transmission of scientific and applications data from the spacecraft to Earth; and (3) tracking, the determination of the distance (range) from Earth to the spacecraft and its radial velocity (range-rate) toward or away from Earth by the measurement of the round-trip radio transmission time and Doppler frequency shift (magnitude and direction). A specialized but commercially important application, which is excluded from consideration here, is the communications satellite system in which the spacecraft serves solely as a relay station between remote points on Earth.
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Footprints on the Moon, by the Writers and Editors of the Associated Press. John Barbour.
New York: The Associated Press, 1969. Quarto, 216, profusely illus. in color, index, DJ scuffed and creased: small tears, small pieces missing, larger piece missing at spine.
[Book #11761]
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Destination Mars: 0in Art, Myth, and Science. Jay Barbree, Martin Caiden, Susan Wright.
New York, NY: Penguin Putnam, 1997. First edition. FIrst printing [stated]. Hardcover. Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. ix, [3], 228 p. Illustrations (many in color). Index.
[Book #69122]
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Space Weapons. Frank Barnaby.
New York: Gallery Books, c1984. First U.S.? Edition. First? Printing. 30 cm, 72, color illus., bookplate.
[Book #32054]
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Space Weapons. Frank Barnaby.
New York: Gallery Books, 1984. First U.S. edition. Hardcover. 30 cm, 72, color illus.,
[Book #59754]
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The Moon. Norman S. Barrett.
London: F. Watts, 1985. 26 cm, 32, color illus., usual library markings.
[Book #20341]
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1987 Get Away Special Experimenter's Symposium: Proceedings of a Symposium held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Neal Barthelme, Frances L. Mosier, eds.
Washington, DC: NASA, 1988. First? Edition. First? Printing. 169, wraps, illus., diagrams, references, mailing label on rear cover, covers somewhat worn/soiled, pencil erasure on title page.
[Book #41084]
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Einstein's Unfinished Symphony: Listening to the Sounds of Space-Time. Marcia Bartusiak.
Washington, DC: Joseph Henry Press {National Academy Press], 2000. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. xii, 249 p. Illustrations. COda. Bibliography. Index.
[Book #61794]
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Atlas of Mars: The 1:5,000,000 Map Series. NASA SP-438. R. M. Batson, P. M., Bridges, J. L. Inge.
Washington, DC: GPO, 1979. Oversized, 146, maps, tables, errata, appendices, bibliography, foxing inside boards, flyleaves, & title page, some wear to board corners.
[Book #12097]
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Voyager 1 and 2, Atlas of Six Saturnian Satellites, NASA SP-474. Raymond M. Batson.
Washington, DC: Scientific and Technical Information Branch, National Aeronautics and... 1984. Presumed first edition/first printing. Hardcover. vii, [1], 175, [3] p. : ill. (some col. ) 36 cm. References. Index.
[Book #71492]
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Minimum Delta-V, Three-Impulse Transfer onto a Trans-Mars Asymptotic Velocity Vector. NASA TN D-5757. William C. Bean.
Washington, DC: NASA, 1970. Quarto, 23, wraps, figures, tables, references, ink name on front cover.
[Book #11770]
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Exploring Tomorrow in Space. Thomas W. Becker.
New York: Sterling Pub. Co. [1972]. 27 cm, 160, illus. Introduction by Wernher von Braun.
[Book #21633]
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Man and the Moon. John Becklake.
London: Macmillan Children's Books, 1980. First Edition. Quarto, 31, profusely illus. in color, pictures clipped pp. 21, 27, 29 (loss of text), small stains and some soiling to text.
[Book #13661]
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The Space Shuttle Story. Luke Begarnie.
New York: Scholastic Inc. 1985. 7.5" x 10.25, 47, wraps, profusely illus. in color. Book for young readers.
[Book #16065]
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A Road Map for the Exploration of Neighboring Planetary Systems (ExNPS). C. A. Beichman, ed.
Pasadena, CA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1996. First? Edition. First? Printing. Approx. 120, wraps, illus. (some in color), diagrams, references.
[Book #44428]
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