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A Century of Progress
A Student of Affairs
Aaheim, Asbjorn, and Sygna, Linda
Aaheim, H. Asbjorn
Aaheim, H. Asbjorn, and Brettevills, Camilla
Aaker, Linda
Aamoth, Robert J., Henderson, Frederick B., Kwerel, Evan R., Pitsch, Peter K., and Uhlir, Paul F.
Aaron, Daniel with Long, David A.
Aaron, Henry J.
Aaron, Henry J. (Editor), and Schultze, Charles L. (Editor)
Aaron, Henry J., and Reischauer, Robert D., eds.
Aaron, Henry J., ed.
Aaron, Paul
Aarons, Leroy
Aaseng, Nathan
Abad, Gemino H., et al.
Abagnale, Frank W., and Redding, Stan
Abanbegyan, Abel G., ed.
Abbasi, Susan R., with Grenfell, Adrienne (Congressional Research Service)
Abbot, Willis J.
Abbot, Willis J. (Willis John)
Abbott Laboratories
Abbott, David, ed.
Abbott, Ira H., and von Doenhoff, Albert E.
Abbott, James Francis
Abbott, John S. C.
Abbott, Lyman
Abbott, Lyman; Mabie, Hamilton W.; and Roosevelt, Theodore, eds.
Abbott, Peter, and Thomas, Nigel
Abbott, Shirley
Abbott, Winston O.
Abd-El-Mizan, trans. by Alfredo Gallart
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, and Walton, Anthony
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, with McCarthy, Mignon
Abegglen, James C.; and Stalk, George
Abel, Allen
Abel, Elie
Abel, John L., et al.
Abella, Irving M., and Troper, Harold Martin
Abella, Irving, and Troper, Harold
Abels, Jules
Abels, Jules, and Truman, Harry S.
Abelson, Hal, and Ledeen, Ken, and Lewis, Harry
Abelson, Philip Hauge
Abend, Hallett
Abend, Hallett Edward
Abercrombie, Neil, and Hoyt, Richard
Aberdeen Ironbirds
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Abernathy, Ralph David
Abi-Saab, Georges
Abitante, Anthony J. (Editor)
Ablow, Keith Russell
Abourezk, James G.
About Comics (Compiler)
Abraham, Henry J.
Abraham, Laurie Kaye
Abrahams, Robert D.
Abrahamsen, David
Abrahamsen, Samuel
Abrahamson, James L.
Abrams, Alan E.
Abrams, Herbert L.
Abrams, Judith Z.
Abrams, Rhonda
Abrams, Richard I., and Hutchinson, Warner A.
Abrams, Richard M., ed.
Abramson, John
Abramson, Rudy
Abrantes, Laure Junot (Duchesse d'Arantes)
Abrantes, Laure Junot, Duchesse d'
Abrantes, Laure Junot, Duchesse D', and Bernier, Olivier
Abrashoff, D. Michael,
Absher, Kenneth Michael
Abshire, David M.
Abshire, David M., ed.
Abshire, David, and Brower, Brock
Abt, John J., with Myerson, Michael
Abu-Sharif, Bassam, and Mahnaimi, Uzi
Aburdene, Patricia, and Naisbitt, John
Aburish, Said K.
Abuza, Zachary
Abzug, Bella S., ed. by Mel Ziegler
Abzug, Robert H
Academia Sinica. Academy Presidents' Forum
Academy Industry Program, and the Computer Science and Technology board of the National research Council
Academy of Political Science
Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.
Academy of Sciences of USSR, Central State Military-Historic Archive
Academy of the Soviet Union [translation of author]
Accas, Gene, and Eckstein, John H.
Accoce, Pierre, and Quet, Pierre, trans. by A. M. Sheridan Smith
Accomando, Claire Hsu
Acena, Pablo Martin
Achenbach, Joel
Achenbach, Sarah
Acheson, Alice, and Stanley, Jane C.
Acheson, Cornell W.
Acheson, David C.
Acheson, Dean
Acheson, Dean Gooderham
Acheson, Dean, and Bundy, McGeorge
Acheson, Dean, McLellan, David S., and Acheson, David C.
Acheson, Sam
Achin, Milos K.
Achkasov, V. I., and Pavlovich, N. B.
Achkasov, V. I., and Pavlovich, N. B., trans. by U.S. Naval Intelligence Command and Naval Reserve Intelligence Command
Achorn, Edward
Acier, Marcel, ed.
Ackerman, Bruce
Ackerman, Carl W.
Ackerman, Jennifer
Ackerman, Robert J.
Ackland, Len, and McGuire, Steven, eds.
Ackley, Charles Walton
Ackmann, Martha
Ackroyd, Peter
ACM Signarch, and The IEEE Computer Society
Acree, Cynthia B., and Acree, Cliff
Acton, James M.
Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Baron, ed. by John Neville Figgis and Reginald Vere Laurence
Acton, Richard, Lord
Aczel, Amir D.
Ad Hoc Working Group on Research-Intensive Universities and the Federal Government
Adair, Frances E., and Burgess, James Rowland (Editor)
Adam, Christopher
Adam, Heribert, and Moodley, Kogila
Adamczyk, Richard D., and MacGregor, Morris J.
Adamczyk-Garbowska, Monica
Adamic, Louis
Adamnson, Peter
Adamo, Kara
Adams, Abigail, and Adams, John, ed. by L. H. Butterfield, Marc Friedlaender, and Mary-Jo Kline
Adams, Ansel
Adams, Ansel (Photographer)
Adams, Ansel, with, Baker, Robert
Adams, Arthur E.
Adams, Benson D.
Adams, Bianka J., and Harahan, Joseph P.
Adams, Boe
Adams, Carsbie
Adams, Carsbie C.
Adams, Carsbie C.; von Braun, Wernher; and Ordway, Frederick I., III
Adams, Carsbie, in collaboration with Ordway, Frederick I., and Canney, Heyward E., and Wakeford, Ronald C.
Adams, Catherine F., and Richardson, Martha
Adams, Charles
Adams, Charles Francis, Jr., and Adams, Henry
Adams, Chris
Adams, Don (Editor), and Goldbard, Arlene (Editor)
Adams, Elizabeth Byrne, and Rood, Sally A.
Adams, Frank R. (Frank Ramsay)
Adams, Frank, and Horton, Myles
Adams, Gerry
Adams, Gordon
Adams, Harry
Adams, Henry
Adams, Henry H.
Adams, Henry Hitch
Adams, Henry, and Ford, Worthington Chauncey (Editor)
Adams, Henry, comp. by Harold Dean Cater
Adams, James
Adams, James Greenleaf
Adams, James Ring
Adams, James Truslow
Adams, Jeffrey A., and Marquette, Stephen
Adams, Joey
Adams, John Gibbons
Adams, John H., and Adams, Patricia, with Black, George
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, John Quincy and Washburn, Wilcomb E. (Editor)
Adams, John Quincy, and Adams, Charles Francis (Editor)
Adams, John, and Hutson, James H.
Adams, John, comp. and ed. by James H. Hutson
Adams, Lew
Adams, Marian Hooper, andThoron, Ward (Editor)
Adams, Mary and Oleksak, Michael
Adams, Michael, and Mayhew, Christopher
Adams, Myron E., and Girton, Fred, eds.
Adams, R. J. Q. (Ralph James Q.)
Adams, Randall Dale, Hoffer, William, and Hoffer, Marilyn Mona
Adams, Richard
Adams, Russell B.
Adams, Ruth, and Cullen, Susan, eds.
Adams, Sam
Adams, Samuel Hopkins
Adams, Scott
Adams, Sherman
Adams, Sidney; Buek, Jack; Barclay, Gordon; and McDowell, Percival Eaton
Adams, Thomas Boylston
Adams, Thomas W., and Cottrell, Alvin J.
Adams, Walter
Adamson, Hans Christian
Adamson, Hans Christian, and Kosco, George Francis
Adamson, P. S., et al.
Adamson, Sofia
Adamson, Thomas Charles, and Platzer, M. F.
Adan, Avraham (Bren)
Adas Israel Congregation
Adatto, Kiku
Aday, Lu Ann
Addams, Charles
Adelman, Kenneth L., and Augustine, Norman R.
Adelman, Saul J., and Adelman, Benjamin
Adelman, Tom
Adelson, Alan
Adelson, Alan, and Lapides, Robert, comps. and eds.
Adelson, Dorothy
Ader, Paul
Adie, W. A. C.
Adinarayan, Samuel Pondipeddi
Adizes, Ichak
Adjali, Boubaker
Adjutant General's School
Adkins, Andrew Z., Jr., and Adkins, Andrew Z., III
Adkins, Gene
Adleman, Robert H., and Walton, George
Adleman, Robert H., and Walton, George H.
Adler, Bill
Adler, Bill (Editor) and Adler, Bill, Jr. (Editor)
Adler, Bill, and Adler, Bill, Jr.
Adler, Bill, and King, Norman
Adler, Bill, ed.
Adler, Bill, Jr. (Editor)
Adler, Elkan Nathan, comp.
Adler, J. O., ed.
Adler, Lynn Peters
Adler, Morris, and Adler, Goldie (Compiler), and Edelman, Lily (Compiler)
Adler, Nathaniel, and Diaz, Rafael, and Goldstein, Jon, and Kang, Heerang, and Peters, Sophia, and Phillips, Christian, and Tucker, Will, and Turnbull, David, and von Koch-Liebert, Lynn
Adler, R. J. with Smith, I. D. (Contributor), Noggle, R. C. (Contributor), and Kiuttu, G. F. (Contributor)
Adler, Renata
Adler, Richard, with Davis, Lee
Adler, Ruth, ed.
Adler, Stella, comp. by Howard Kissel
Adler, Warren
Administrative Services (Compiler)
Adomites, Paul D., ed.
Adragna, Steven P.
Adrian, Robert N. (Editor)
Advanced Research Projects Agency
Advertising Department, Hamilton, Brown Shoe Company (Compiler)
Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc.
Aeronautical Staff of Aero Publishers, Inc., with Nowarra, Heinz J. and Malone, Edward T.
Aerospace Industries Association
Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc.
Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc., ed. by Marion E. Grambow
Aerospace Published
Aerospace Research Center (Aerospace Industries Association of America), Economic Data Service
Aeschylus, and Murray, Gilbert (Translated by)
Aeschylus, and Murray, Gilbert (translator)
Affolter, Urs (Editor)
Affrunti, Andy
Afkhami, Gholam Reza, and Nasr, Seyyed Vali Reza, eds.
Afkhami, Mahnaz
AFL-CIO, Department of Legislation
Africa Research Group
Africa Watch
African Bibliographic Center
Aftandilian, Gregory
Agar, Augustus
Agar, Herbert
Agar, William
Agassi, Andre
Agassiz, Louis, ed. by Elizabeth Cary Agassiz
Agawa, Hiroyuki, trans. by John Bester
Agee, James, and Flye, James Harold
Agee, Philip
Agee, Philip (Editor), and Wolf, Louis (Editor)
Agency for International Development
Ageton, Arthur A.
Ageton, Arthur A., and Mack, William P.
Aghion, Darole (Editor-in-CHief)
Aglion, Raoul
Agnew, Harold M.; Foster, John S., Jr., Chairman; Gold, Sydell P.; Guidice, Stephen J.; and Schlesinger, James R.
Agnew, James B., Cooling, Benjamin F., and Shy, John W.
Agnew, Spiro T.
Agnew, Spiro T., and Ducovny, Amram M. (Compiler)
Agoncillo, Teodoro A.
Agoston, Tom
Agress, Clarence M.
Agris, Joseph, with Schmidt, Connie L., and Kaye, Ron
Agronsky, Jonathan I. Z.
Aguayo, Rafael
Aguiar, Luiz Antonio
Aguiar, Neuma (Editor)
Aguirre y Lecube, Jose Antonio de, and Clark, Robert P.
Ahamed, Liaquat
Ahearn, Patricia, and Ahearn, Allen
Ahlgren, Gregory, and Monier, Stephen
Ahmed, Akbar (Editor), and Forst, Brian (Editor)
Ahmed, Moudud
Ahnen, Bill, and Ahnen, Pearl Kastran
Ahnstrom, D. N.
Aho, C. Michael, and Levinson, Marc
Ahrari, Mohammed E., and Beal, James
Aid, Matthew M.
Aidala, Thomas R.
Aiken, George D. (George David)
Aikin, John
Aikman, David
Aikman, Lonnelle
Ainley, Marianne Gosztonyi (Editor)
Ainsworth, Ed
Ainsztein, Reuben
Air Force Association
Air Force Historical Foundation
Air Force History and Museums Program
Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Air Force Times
Air Information Division, Lexicographic and Terminology Section
Air Progress
Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Aircraft Industries Association, Inc., ed. by James J. Haggerty
Airesearch Manufacturing Company
"Aireview" Staff
Airlines War Training Institute
Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi, trans. by W. J. F. Jenner
Ait El Hadj, Smail
Aitchison, Charles
Aitken, Jonathan
Aitken, Thomas
Aitoro, Jill R. (Executive Editor)
Aizenstat, A. J.
Ajami, Fouad
Ajax, pseud.
Akademiia nauk SSSR
Akbar, M. J.
Akbar, M.J.
Akbar, Na'im
Akchurin, Marat
Akehurst, Richard
Akenson, Donald Harman
Akhmadulina, Bella
Akhmatova, Anna [pen name of Anna Andreyevna Gorenko]
Akhmedov, Ismail
Aksakov, Sergei, trans. by James Riordan
Aksyonov, Vassily, and Heim, Michael Henry (Translator), and Bouis, Antonina W. (Translator)
Akutagawa, Ryunosuke, and Kojima, Takashi (Translated by), and Hibbet, Howard (Introduction by)
Akweks, Aren
Akwule, Raymond
Al Akl, F. M.
Al Ghunaim, Abdullah Yousef (Scientific Editor); Qassem, Jamal Zakaris (Scientific Editor); et al
Al Hageel, Sulieman Abdul Rahman
Al-Faraj, Sami, and Kubba, Laith, with Shiyyab, Mohammad, and Zakheim, Dov S., ed. by Brent Thompson
al-Farsy, Fouad
Al-Hassan, Ahmad Y., and Hill, Donald R.
Al-Rehaief, Mohammed Odeh, with Coplon, Jeff
Al-Sabah, Sheikh Salmaan Dawuud (General Supervisor of the Advisory Editorial Board)
Al-Yafi, Adnan A.
Alach, Zhivan
Alach, Zhivan J
Alam, Moyeenul
Alan-Williams, Gregory
Alats, Evgeniia, trans. by Catherine Fitzpatrick
Alaya, Flavia
Alba, Richard and Nee, Victor
Albanov, Valerian, trans. by Alison Anderson
Albats, Yevgenia, and Fitzpatrick, Catherine (Translator)
Albaugh, WIlliam A., III
Albaugh, William A., III, Benet, Hugh, Jr., and Simmons, Edward N.
Albaugh, William A., III; and Simmons, Edward N.
Albee, Fred H.
Albee, Fred H. (Fred Houdlett)
Albert, Jim, and Bennett, Jay
Albert, Marv, and Reilly, Rick
Albert, Marvin H.
Albert, Michael (Editor), and Dellinger, David (Editor)
Albert, Michel, and Ball, James
Alberta Post-War Reconstruction Committee, Sub-Committee on Finance
Alberti, Mario, et al., ed. by H. N. Gay, T. Sillani, and A. Hodnig
Albertine, J. R.
Alberts, Bruce; Bray, Dennis; Lewis, Julian; Raff, Martin; Roberts, Keith; and Watson, James D.
Alberts, David S. (David Stephen), and Czerwinski, Thomas J.
Alberts, David S., and Hayes, Richard E.
Alberts, David S., Garstka, John J., and Stein, Frederick P.
Alberts, Robert C.
Albinski, Henry Stephen
Albion, Robert Greenhalgh, and Reed, Rowena (Editor)
Albjerg, Victor Lincoln, and Albjerg, Ester Marguerite (Hall)
Albrecht, Andrzej
Albrecht-Carrie, Rene
Albright, David, and Berkhout, Frans, and Walker, William
Albright, Joseph, and Kunstel, Marcia
Albright, Madeleine
Albright, Madeleine K., and Cohen, William S.
Albright, Madeleine K.; Geremek, Bronislaw; Halperin, Morton H.; and Bagley, Elizabeth Frawley
Albright, Madeleine, and Geremek, Bronislaw, co-chairs
Albright, Madeleine, and Woodward, Bill
Albright, Madeleine, with Shocas, Elaine, and Becker, Vivienne, and Woodward, Bill
Albright, Madeleine, with Woodward, Bill
Albright, Madeleine, with Woodward, Bob
Alcock, Norman Z.
Alcott, Louisa M.
Alcott, Louisa May
Alden, Carroll Storrs
Alden, Carroll Storrs, and Earle, Ralph
Alden, Carroll Storrs, and Earle, Ralph, revised by Carroll Storrs Alden
Alden, Carroll Storrs, and Westcott, Allan F. (Allan Ferguson)
Alderman, Edwin Anderson
Alderman, Ellen, and Kennedy, Caroline
Alderman, W. K., and others
Aldington, Richard
Aldrich, Gary
Aldrich, Mildred
Aldrich, Richard J. (Richard James)
Aldrich, Samuel R.
Aldridge, James
Aldridge, Robert C.
Aldrin, Buzz with Abraham, Ken
Aldrin, Buzz, and Barnes, John
Aldrin, Buzz, and McConnell, Malcolm
Aldrin, Buzz, with Abraham, Ken
Aldrin, Edwin E. "Buzz," Jr., with Warga, Wayne
Alegría, Ricardo E.
Aleksandrova-Ignatieva, P. P.
Alenier, Karren LaLonde (Editor)
Alers, Rochelle, and Hill, Donna, and Mason, Felicia, and Ray, Francis
Aleshire, Peter
Aleshire, William A
Alexander of Tunis, Field Marshal Earl, ed. by John North
Alexander, Adele Logan
Alexander, Arthur J.
Alexander, Bevin
Alexander, C. S.
Alexander, Caroline
Alexander, Charles C.
Alexander, Christopher
Alexander, David
Alexander, Dennis
Alexander, Earl, ed. by John North
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Edwin P.
Alexander, Gene
Alexander, George
Alexander, Grand Duke of Russia
Alexander, Jane
Alexander, John B.
Alexander, John B., and Clancy, Tom (Commentary), Vallee, Jacques F. (Foreword by), and Rutan, Burt (Introduction by)
Alexander, John T.
Alexander, John W., ed.
Alexander, Joseph H.
Alexander, Joseph H., with Horan, Don, and with Stahl, Norman
Alexander, Judd H.
Alexander, Keith, and Sammartino, Annemarie, comps. and eds.
Alexander, Kern (Editor); and Jordan, K. Forbis (Editor)
Alexander, Lamar
Alexander, Michael
Alexander, Myrl E.
Alexander, Paul
Alexander, Robert
Alexander, Robert Jackson
Alexander, Roy
Alexander, Roy (Editor)
Alexander, Shana
Alexander, Sidney
Alexander, Yonah
Alexander, Yonah, and Swetnam, Michael S.
Alexandrov, Victor, trans. by William Sutcliffe
Alfer'ev, Ye. Ye.
Alferov, Zhores I., ed.
Alfoldi, Laszlo M.
Alford, Jonathan
Alford, Mimi
Alfredo, Baistrocchi (Compilati [compiler])
Alfsen, Knut H.
Alfsen, Knut H., and Berntsen, Terje
Alfven, Hannes, and Arrhenius, Gustaf
Algeo, Matthew
Alger, Philip Rounseville
Ali, A. W.
Ali, Majid (Editor)
Ali, Muhammad, with Durham, RIchard
Ali, Tariq
Alibek, Ken, and Handelman, Stephen
Alic, John A., et al.
Alinsky, Saul D.
Alkon, Daniel L.
Allan, Herbert Sanford
Allan, Richard
Allan, Richard
Alland, Alexander, and Alland, Sonia
Allard, Jean V., and Bernier, Serge
Allard, Kenneth
Allaway, Howard
Allbeury, Ted
Alleg, Henri
Allegheny College
Allegheny College Center for Political Participation
Allegheny County Bar Association
Allen, Anita
Allen, Bernard L.
Allen, Charles Livingstone
Allen, Diane, and Frederick, Larry, and Madison, Cheri C. (Editor)
Allen, Don Cameron
Allen, Edward Frank, ed.
Allen, Edward Lawrence
Allen, Edward W.
Allen, Frederick Lewis
Allen, Gary
Allen, Gary, with Abraham, Larry
Allen, George H., et al.
Allen, George Washington
Allen, Grant, and Russell, Alan K.
Allen, Gwenfread
Allen, Henry
Allen, Henry Southworth
Allen, Henry T.
Allen, Henry T. (Henry Tureman)
Allen, Irene
Allen, James S.
Allen, Jimmy
Allen, Jimmy Raymond
Allen, John (Editor), and Carver, John (Editor), and Elmore, Tom (Editor)
Allen, John E.
Allen, John K. (Editor), and Carver, John (Editor), and Elmore, Tom (Editor)
Allen, Joseph P., with Martin, Russell
Allen, Kathryn
Allen, Kenneth
Allen, Kenneth W., Krumel, Glenn, and Pollack, Jonathan D.
Allen, Leslie
Allen, Lloyd
Allen, Louis
Allen, M. D.
Allen, Maury
Allen, Ollie J.
Allen, Patrick H. F.
Allen, Peter
Allen, Robert L.
Allen, Robert Loring
Allen, Robert Loring, and United States, Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Un-American Activities
Allen, Robert S.
Allen, Steve
Allen, Steve, and Adler, Bill, Jr.
Allen, Steven
Allen, Steven J., and Viguerie, Richard A.
Allen, Thomas
Allen, Thomas B.
Allen, Thomas B., and Polmar, Norman
Allen, Thomas B., and Rawls, Walton (Editor)
Allen, Thomas B.; Berry, Clifford; and Polmar, Norman
Allen, Thomas B.; Polmar, Norman; and Berry, Clifford
Allen, Walter Ernest
Allen, William C.
Allen, William H.
Allen, William H., ed.
Allen, William L. (Editor-in-Chief)
Allen, William Lusk
Allenby, Braden R., and Richards, Deanna J.
Alletzhauser, Albert J.
Alley, Amy (Managing Editor)
Alley, Robert S.
Allgor, Catherine
Allied and Associated Powers (1914-1920), and Germany
Allied Bendix Aerospace
Allied Bendix Aerospace, Secure Telecommunications Division
Allied Expeditionary Force, Army General Staff College
Allied Expeditionary Force, Fifth U.S. Division
Allied Expeditionary Force, General Headquarters, Second Section, General Staff
Allied Research Associates, Inc.
Allied Signal, Inc., Kansas City Division, Office of Technology Transfer
Allied Signal. Federal Manufacturing & Technologies.
AlliedSignal Aerospace
Alliluyeva, Anna, and Alliluyev, Sergei, trans. by David Tutaev
Alliluyeva, Svetlana, trans. by Priscilla Johnson McMillan
Allin, Dana (Editor)
Allin, Dana H. (Editor)
Allin, Mary Ann, and Haltunen, Maria, and Zimnukhova, Yevgenia (Translator)
Allison, D. P.; Conran, J. M.; and Trottier, C. A.
Allison, Graham
Allison, Graham T., and Cote, Owen R., Jr., and Falkenrath, Richard A., and Miller, Steven E.
Allison, Graham T., Carnesale, Albert, and Nye, Joseph S.
Allison, Graham T., Carnesale, Albert, and Nye, Joseph S., Jr., eds.
Allison, Graham T.; Ury, William L.; and Allyn, Bruce J., eds.
Allison, Graham; Carter, Ashton B.; Miller, Steven E.; and Zelikow, Philip, eds.
Allison, J. Murray (Compiler)
Allison, John M.
Allison, Linda
Allman, C. B.
Allman, T. D.
Allon, Yigal
Allon, Yigal, trans. by Reuven Ben-Yosef
Allport, Susan
Allvine, Fred C., and Patterson, James M. (James Milton)
Allward, Maurice
Almedingen, E. M.
Almodovar, Norma Jean
Almond, Harold D.
Almquist, Alden, et al.
Alonso, Harriet Hyman
Alpen, E. L.
Alper, Joel, and Pelton, Joseph N.
Alperin, Morton, and Gregory, Hollingsworth F., eds.
Alperin, Morton, and Stern, Marvin, eds.
Alperin, Morton; Stern, Marvin; and Wooster, Harold, eds.
Alperovitz, Gar
Alperovitz, Gar, and Faux, Geoffrey P.
Alpert, Carl
Alpert, Jane
Alplaus, N. Y.
Alport, Cuthbert James McCall Alport
AlRoy, Gil Carl
Alson, Peter
Alsop, Em Bowles, ed.
Alsop, Joseph, and Alsop, Stewart
Alsop, Joseph, and Catledge, Turner
Alsop, Joseph, and Gelatt, Roland
Alsop, Reese F.
Alsop, Susan Mary
Alt, Jeff
Altaeva, A.
Altea, Rosemary
Alter, Dinsmore
Alter, James
Alter, Jonathan
Alter, Nora M.
Alterman, Eric
Alterman, Eric, and Green, Mark
Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma
Altman, Billy
Altman, Diana
Altman, Lawrence K.
Altman, Roberta
Altrichter, Friedrich
Altschuler, Bruce E.
Altschuller, G.
Altsheler, Joseph A.
Altshuler, Alan A.
Aluminum Development Association
Alvar, K. R.; Lukens, H. R.; and Lurie, N. A.
Alvarado, Elvia and Benjamin, Medea (Translator and Editor)
Alvarez, Everett, Jr., and Pitch, Anthony S.
Alvarez, Everett, Jr., with Schreiner, Samuel A., Jr.
Alvarez, Mark (Editor)
Alvarez, Mark, et al.
Alvarez, Patricia
Alves, Dora
Alves, Hélio Osvaldo
Alyea, Louis F.
Alzati, Fausto
Alzugaray, Carlos
Amadiume, Ifi
Amalrik, Andrey
Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council
Amato, Ivan
Ambassade de France
Amber, John T. (Editor)
Amber, John T., ed.
Ambrose, A. J., ed.
Ambrose, Stephen E.
Ambrose, Stephen E., and Immerman, Richard H.
Ambrose, Stephen E., et al., ed. by Robert Cowley
Ambrose, Stephen E., with Immerman, Richard H.
Ambrose, Stephen E.; Brinkley, Douglas; and Abell, Sam
Ambrose, Stephen, et al.
Ambrosius, Lloyd E.
Ambruster, Howard Watson
Amburn, Ellis
American Academic Association for Peace in the Middle East
American Academy for Jewish Research, and Baron, Salo W., and Barzilay, Isaac E.
American Academy of Achievement
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Academy of Political and Social Science
American Accounting Association
American Airlines
American Ambulance Field Service
American Association for Public Opinion Research
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
American Association of the History of Medicine, and The Johns Hopkins Institute of the History of Medicine
American Aviation Publications, Inc.
American Ballet Theatre
American Ballet Theatre, ed. by Charles Payne
American Bankruptcy Institute
American Bar Association
American Bar Association, Center for Continuing Legal Education, Section of Labor and Employment Law
American Bar Association, Section of Administrative Law
American Bar Association, Section of Labor and Employment Law
American Bar Association, Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law
American Bar Association, The Senate of the Inns of Court and the Bar, and The Law Society of England and Wales
American Bar Association. Section of Labor and Employment Law
American Battle Monuments Commission
American Biblical Society
American Cancer Society
American Ceramic Society
American Chemical Society
American Civil Liberties Union
American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland
American Defense Preparedness Association
American Defense Preparedness Association, Tank and Automotive Division
American Energy Assurance Council. Board of Directors.
American Expeditionary Force, First Army, Headquarters Army Artillery
American Expeditionary Force, Headquarters
American Expeditionary Forces
American Expeditionary Forces, General Headquarters
American Expeditionary Forces, Headquarters
American Expeditionary Forces, Office of the Chief of Staff
American Federation of Information Processing Societies
American Film Institute
American Film Institute, ed. by Chip Pauken
American Film Institute, ed. by Tom Mitchell
American Film Institute, ed. by Wolf Schneider
American Forest Institute
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee, Peace Education Division
American Geophysical Union
American Heart Association, Committee on Medical Education
American Heritage
American Heritage Magazine and United Press International
American Heritage Magazine, and The 1969 Inaugural Book Committee
American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc.
American Historical Association
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
American Institute of Architects Foundation
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers
American Institute of Physics
American Institute of Physics, and American Association of Physics Teachers
American Iron and Steel Institute, Committee of Structural Steel Producers
American Jewish Congress
American Jewish Historical Society
American League of Professional Baseball Clubs
American Medical Association
American Museum of Natural History
American National Red Cross
American Nazi Party
American Nuclear Society
American Nuclear Society, Special Committee on Fukushima
American Opinion
American Ordnance Association
American Petroleum Institute
American Philosophical Society
American Political Items Collectors (APIC)
American Political Science Association
American Psychological Association
American Public Health Association
American Red Cross
American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
American Rifleman
American Rocket Society, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of the Aerospace Sciences...
American Security Council
American Security Council Foundation for Coalition for Peace Through Strength, Strategy Board
American Security Council, National Strategy Committee
American Society for Industrial Security
American Society for Public Administration, National Capital Area Chapter
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
American Society of International Law
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Military Comptrollers
American Society of Photogrammetry
American Society of the French Legion of Honor, Inc.
American Sociological Association
American Telephone and Telegraph Company
American University
American University Museum
American University, Jewish Studies Program and the Center for Israeli Studies
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Women in Blockaded Berlin, comp.
American-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Americans for National Security and Liberty Lobby
Americans Over 55 at Work Program
Americans Want To Know
Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Ames, Edward
Ames, Evelyn (Perkins)
Ames, Evelyn Perkins
Ames, Kenneth L. (Editor), and Ward, Gerald W. R. (Editor)
Ames, William E.
Amick, George, and Bacon, Barbara (Research Assistant)
Amin, Amal-Lee
Amis, Kingsley
Amis, Martin
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Ammen, Daniel
Ammer, Christine, and Sidley, Nathan T.
Amnesty International
Amnesty International USA
Amnesty International, U.S.A.
Amoroso, Serafino, and Ingargiola, Giorgio
Amory, Cleveland
Amory, John Forth, pseud. [Roche, Owen I. A.]
Amory, Thomas C. (Thomas Coffin)
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Amos, Gary
Amosoff, Nikolai, trans. & adapted by George St. George
Amosu, Akwe
Amphlett, C. B.
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Amrine, Michael
Amstutz, J. Bruce
Amter, Joseph A.
An American Soldier
An Ex-Naval Officer
An Operator
Anaejionu, Paul; Goldman, Nathan C; and Meeks, Phillip J., eds.
Anastaplo, George
Anastasas, Florence Hay
Anastasi, Susan Cooke, ed.
Anastasion, Steven N.
Anawalt, Sasha
Anchorage Daily News
Anchordoguy, Marie
Ancker-Johnson, Betsy, and Holt, William C., eds.
Andemicael, Berhanykun
Anderberg, Bengt, and Wolbarsht, Myron
Anderegg, C. R.
Anders, Curt
Anders, Gigi
Anders, Karl
Anders, Leslie
Anders, Wladyshaw
Andersen, Alfred F.
Andersen, Christopher
Andersen, Christopher P.
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian)
Andersen, Ian
Andersen, Kurt
Andersen, Robert G.
Andersen, Wayne V.
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Anita (Editor)
Anderson, Bonnie M.
Anderson, Brendan
Anderson, C. W.
Anderson, Charlene M. (Editor)
Anderson, Charles R., and Center of Military History
Anderson, Charles Robert
Anderson, Christopher
Anderson, Clarence E, with Hamelin, Joseph P.
Anderson, Clinton Presba, and Viorst, Milton
Anderson, Curtiss (Editorial Director)
Anderson, Dave
Anderson, Dave and Chass, Murray and Creamer, Robert and Rosenthal, Harold
Anderson, Don L.
Anderson, Dorothy
Anderson, Elmer L.
Anderson, Frank Russell
Anderson, Frank W., Jr.
Anderson, Gary
Anderson, George Christian
Anderson, Howard R. (Editor)
Anderson, Iain F.
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, Jack, and Boyd, James
Anderson, James and Byrne, Dara N. and The Editors of Black Issues in Higher Education
Anderson, James H.
Anderson, James L., and Cohen, Martin
Anderson, James Lee, and Cohen, Martin Aver
Anderson, Janet A.
Anderson, John Bayard
Anderson, John F., and Blumenthal, Frederick G.
Anderson, Jon Lee
Anderson, Jon Lee, and Anderson, Scott
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Anderson, Lars
Anderson, Lee Stratton
Anderson, Loni, and Warren, Larkin
Anderson, Mac (Editor)
Anderson, Martin
Anderson, Martin, ed.
Anderson, Nancy Scott, and Anderson, Dwight
Anderson, Norman G. (Norman Gulack), ed.
Anderson, Patricia Dockman ( Editor)
Anderson, Patricia Dockman (Editor)
Anderson, Patricia Dockman. (Editor)
Anderson, Patricia McGraw
Anderson, Patrick
Anderson, Paul
Anderson, Peggy
Anderson, Perry (Editor)
Anderson, Robert Gordon
Anderson, Robert S., and Huber, Walter
Anderson, Robert S., ed.
Anderson, Ronald, and Koval, Anne
Anderson, Scott
Anderson, Scott Nancy, and Anderson, Dwight
Anderson, Scott, and Anderson, Jon Lee
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Anderson, Terry A.
Anderson, Terry H.
Anderson, Thomas P.
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Anderson, Walter
Anderson, Walter Truett
Anderson, Warren M., and McGuiness, John J., and Spicer, John S.
Anderson, William R., with Blair, Clay, Jr.
Anderson, William S., and Truax, Charles
Anderton, David
Anderton, David A.
Andors, Phyllis
Andreas, Joel
Andrew, Brother, with Conn, Charles Paul
Andrew, Christopher
Andrew, Christopher (Editor), and Gordievsky, Oleg (Editor)
Andrew, Christopher M.
Andrew, Christopher M., and Gordievsky, Oleg
Andrew, Christopher, and Mitrokhin, Vasili
Andrewes, Eusebius
Andrews, Allen
Andrews, Andy
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Andrews, Bert
Andrews, C. E. (Selector/Editor)
Andrews, C. F.
Andrews, Donna
Andrews, Gould A., et al., eds.
Andrews, H. T., ed.
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Andrews, Matthew Page (Compiler)
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Andrist, Ralph K., et al., eds.
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Anglade, Pierre, ed.
Angle, Craig
Angle, Paul
Angle, Paul M.
Angle, Paul M., and Miers, Earl Schenck
Angle, Paul M., ed.
Angle, Paul, comp.
Angoff, Charles
Angolia, John R.
Angrand, F.
Anisimov, Evgenii V., trans. by John T. Alexander
Ankara Golf Club
Ankara Universitesi
Annas, George J. (Editor), and Grodin, Michael A. (Editor)
Anner, Zeev (Editor), and Alkoni, Yoseph (Editor)
Annet, Armand Leon
Anno, George H. , McClellan, Gene R., and Dore, Michael A.,, and Baum, Siegmund J.
Anonymous [O'Brien, Howard Vincent]
Anonymous [Scheuer, Michael]
Ansari, A. H., ed.
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Ansari, Armin
Ansbacher, Max G.
Ansberry, Clare
Ansel, Walter
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Anson, Robert Sam
Ansted, A.
Antal, John F.
Antenori, Frank, and Halberstadt, Hans
Anthony, Carl Sferrazza
Anthony, Earl
Anthony, Elizabeth (Memory Project Coordinator)
Anthony, H. E. (Technical Editor); and McSpadden, J. Walker (Managing Editor), and Porter, Albert (Contributor), Lottridge, Silas A. (Contributor), and Johnson, J. M. (Contributor), Singer, Daniel J. (Contributor) and Palmer, T. S. (Special Article)
Anthony, Irvin
Anthony, J. Garner
Anthony, Katharine
Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, and European Freedom Council
Anti-slavery Society (Great Britain)
Antieau, Chester James
Antieau, Chester James, and Downey, Arthur T., and Roberts, Edward C.
Antin, Parker, and Weiss, Phyllis Wachob
Antokol, Norman, and Nudell, Mayer
Anton, Frank, and Denton, Tommy
Anton, Todd (Editor), and Nowlin, Bill (Editor)
Antongini, Tom.
Antoni, Robert
ANwar, Mohammed Sami (Translator)
Anzanos, Andy
Anzovin, Steven
Anzovin, Steven, ed.
Anzulovic, Branimir
Apfel, Necia H.
Apostolo, Giorgio
Apostolo, Giorgio, and Bignozzi, Giorgio, trans. by Dale McAdoo
Appel, Benjamin
Appel, Marty
Appelbaum, Stanley (Editor)
Appelfeld, Aharon, and Green, Jeffrey M. (Translator)
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Applegarth, Ginger
Appleman, Roy E., et al.
Appleman-Jurman, Alicia
Appleyard, Bryan
Applied Analytics, Inc.
Appy, Christian G.
Apraku, Kofi K.
Apsler, Alfred
Apter, David Ernest
Arab Information Center
Arabian American Oil Company
Arano, Luisa Cogliati, and Ratti, Oscar (Translator), and Westbrook, Adele (Translator)
Arapov, M. and Herz, M. M.
Araskog, Rand V.
Araton, Harvey
Arax, Mark
Arban, Craig (Editor); and Mooley, Jo Marie (Editor)
Arbatov, Alexei (Editor)
Arbatov, G. A.
Arbatov, Georgi A., and Oltmans, Willem L.
Arbois de Jubainville, H. d' (Henry)
Arce, Hector
Archaeological Institute of America (Compiler)
Archer, Glenn L., and Menendez, Albert J.
Archer, Jeffrey
Archer, John M.
Archer, Jules
Archer, Laird
Archer, William
Archer, William, comp.
Archibald, E. H. H.
Archuleta, Audrey, comp., et al.
Arciniegas, German, trans. by Gabriela Arciniegas and R. Victor Arana
Arco Publishing Company
Arct, B.
Arctic Institute of North America
Ardagh, John
Areeda, Phillip
Arena, Ronald J.
Arend, Guy Franz
Arendt, Hannah
Arens, Moshe
Arens, Moshe; and Simon, Merrill, and Featherman, Judith (Editor)
Arey, James A.
Arfa, Hassan
Argall, Phyllis
Argenteau, Comte de Mercy, trans. and ed. by George S. Hellman
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory, Office of Public Affairs
Argyle, Christopher, comp.
Ariail, Dan, and Heckler-Feltz, Cheryl
Arian, Alan
Aristide, Jean-Bertrand, and Wargny, Christophe, trans. by Linda M. Maloney
Aristophanes, and Frere, John Hookham (Translator)
Aristotle, and Barker, Ernest (Translator)
Aristotle, and Loomis, Louise Ropes (Editor)
Arjomand, Said Amir
Arkell, W. J.
Arkhurst, Frederick S., ed.
Arkin, Herbert, and Colton, Raymond R.
Arkin, William M.
Arkin, William M., and Fieldhouse, Richard W.
Arlen, Michael J.
Arm, David L.
Armbruster, Maxim E.
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Fort Monmouth Chapter
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Philadelphia Chapter
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Military Medical Operations
Armed Forces Staff College
Armellini, Toby J.
Armer, Don
Armero, Jose
Armey, Dick
Armey, Richard K.
Armfield, Blanche B.
Armitage, Flora
Armitage, M. J., and Mason, R. A.
Armitage, Merle
Armonas, Barbara, as told to Nasvytis, A. L.
Armour, Mark
Arms Control Association
Arms, Myron
Armstrong, Alexandra, and Donahue, Mary R.
Armstrong, Anne A. (Editor in Chief); and Brewin, Bob (Editor at Large)
Armstrong, Elizabeth H.
Armstrong, H. C.
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish (Editor)
Armstrong, Harry George
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John Alexander
Armstrong, John P.
Armstrong, Joshua, with Bruno, Anthony
Armstrong, Karen
Armstrong, Keith, and Best, Suzanne, and Domenici, Paula
Armstrong, Melanie (Editor
Armstrong, Neil, Collins, Michael, and Aldrin, Edwin E., Jr.
Armstrong, Neil; Collins, Michael; and Aldrin, Edwin E., Jr., with Farmer, Gene and Hamblin, Dora Jane
Armstrong, Neil; Collins, Michael; and Aldrin, Edwin, Jr.
Armstrong, Nicholas J, and Chura-Beaver, Jacqueline
Armstrong, Richard N.
Armstrong, Richard N. (Richard Nolan)
Armstrong, Scott (Executive Director of the National Security Archive), and Byrne, Malcolm (Editor)
Armstrong, Scott, and Grier, Peter
Armstrong, William M.
Armstrong, Willis C., Armstrong, Louise S., and Wilcox, Francis Orlando
Army Air Forces Aid Society
Army Museums Ogilby Trust, Robert Ogilby Trust
Army Ordnance Association
Army Service Schools.
Army Times
Army War College
Army-Navy Annual Committee
Arndt, Karl J. R. (Editor and Commentator)
Arndt, Robert (Editor)
Arnebeck, Bob
Arnell, Peter (Editor), and Bickford, Ted (Editor)
Arnesen, Liv, and Bancroft, Ann, with Dahle, Cheryl
Arnesenm Kuvm and Bancroft, Ann, with Dahle, Cheryl
Arnett, Eric
Arnett, Eric (Editor)
Arnett, Eric H.
Arnett, Eric H. (Editor)
Arnett, Eric H., ed.
Arnett, Peter
Arnold, Eddy
Arnold, Elliott
Arnold, Emmy
Arnold, H. H.
Arnold, H. H., and Eaker, Ira C.
Arnold, H. J. P., ed.
Arnold, Henry Harley; Huston, John W. (Editor)
Arnold, James R.
Arnold, James, and Weiner, Roberta
Arnold, Johann Christoph
Arnold, Lorna, with Pyne, Katherine
Arnold, Paul, ed.
Arnold, R. C., ed.
Arnold, Ralph
Arnold, Richard
Arnold, Ron
Arnold, Roseanne
Arnold, Terrell E.
Arnold, Thurman
Arnold, Thurman, and Gressley, Gene M. (Editor)
Arnold-Forster, Forster Delafield
Arnold-Forster, H. O.
Arnold-Forster, Mark
Arnold-Forster, W.
Arnold-Foster, D.
Arnothy, Christine
Arnove, Anthony, ed.
Arnow, Harriette Simpson
Aron, Raymond
Aron, Raymond, trans. by Stephen Cox
Aron, Raymond, trans. by Terence Kilmartin
Aron, Raymond; and Howard, Richard (Translator); and Fox, Annette Baker (Translator)
Aron, Robert
Aronofsky, Darren
Aronovici, Carol and McCalmont, Elizabeth
Aronow, Saul, ed.
Aronson, Bernard Co-Chair), Rogers, William D. (Co-Chair), Sweig, Julia (Project Director), and Mead, Walter (Project Director)
Aronson, Bernard W., (Co-Chair), and Rogers, WIlliam D. (Co-Chair)
Aronson, Charles N.
Aronson, Geoffrey
Aronson, James
Aronson, Joseph
Aronson, Theo
Aronstein, David C., and Hirschberg, Michael J., and Piccirillo, Albert C.
Arpel, Adrien, with Seitler, Isolde
Arquette, Cliff
Arquilla, John (Editor), and Ronfeldt, David (Editor)
Arquilla, John, and Ronfeldt, David
Arraras, Joaquin, trans. by J. Manuel Espinosa
Arreguin-Toft, Ivan
Arrighi, Robert S.
Arrington, E. D.
Art, Robert J.
Art, Robert J., (Editor), and Davis, Vincent (Editor), and Huntington, Samuel P. (Editor)
Artamonov, Nikolai Fedorovich, and United States, Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Un-American Activities
Artemiev, Vyacheslav P.
Arter, Bill
Arthur D. Little
Arthur D. Little, Inc
Arthur, Billy (Compiler) and Ballard Tom (Compiler)
Arthur, George Compton Archibald
Arthur, Max
Arthur, Robert
Artis, Michael J., and Nobay, A. R., eds.
Artson, Bradley Shavit and Glazer, Miriyam (Editor)
Artsybashev, M. (Mikhail), Wright, Cameron, and Pinkerton, Percy E.
Arzhak, Nikolay, pseud. [Daniel, Yuli Markovich]
Arzt, Donna E.
Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Evening News), trans. by Kenichi Otsuka
Asahina, Robert
Asaro, Catherine
Asbell, Bernard
Asbury, Dean
Asch, Chris Myers
Ascherson, Neal
Asencio, Diego, and Asencio, Nancy, with Tobias, Ron
Ash, Bernard
Ash, John with Goldstein, Sid
Ash, Russell
Ash, Timothy Garton
Ashabranner, Brent
Ashabranner, Brent K.
Ashburn, P. M.
Ashburn, P. M. (Percy Moreau)
Ashburn, T. Q.
Ashby, Eric
Ashby, Louise
Ashby, Lynn
Ashby, Timothy
Ashcroft, John
Ashe, Arthur, and Rampersad, Arnold
Ashe, Arthur, with Amdur, Neil
Ashe, Elizabeth H.
Ashe, Geoffrey, in association with Debrett's Peerage
Ashe, Geoffrey; Alcock, Leslie; Radford, C. A. Ralegh; Rahtz, Philip; and Racy, Jill
Ashe, Rosalind
Asher, Ann Belser
Asher, Jerry, and Hammel, Eric M.
Ashford, Bailey K.
Ashford, David, and Collins, Patrick
Ashford, Douglas E.
Ashforth, R. V.
Ashkenazi, Elliott
Ashley, Elizabeth, and Firestone, Ross
Ashley, Maurice
Ashley, Vikki, Ph.D. (Preface by)
Ashman, Charles
Ashman, Charles R.
Ashman, Charles R., and Trescott, Pamela
Ashman, Charles, and Wagman, Robert J.
Ashman, Jerome P., and DeVries, Leonard L.
Ashmore, Harry S
Ashmore, Harry S.
Ashmore, Harry S., and Baggs, William C.
Ashner, Laurie, and Meyerson, Mitch
Ashrawi, Hanan
Ashton-Warner, Sylvia
Ashwood, Thomas M.
Ashworth, Laura Lynn
Asia Society
Asia Watch
Asian Development Bank, Environment Agency of Japan, and U.S. Country Studies Program
Asim, Jabari (Editor)
Asimov, Isaac
Asinof, Eliot
Asmus, Ronald D., and Rand Corporation
Aspaturian, Vernon V. (Compiler/Editor)
Aspen, Nelson
Aspin, Les
Aspinall-Oglander, Cecil Faber
Aspley, John W., II
Asscher-Pinkhof, Clara, trans. by Terese Edelstein and Inez Smidt
Assensoh, A. B., and Alex-Assensoh, Yvette M.
Assistance Alliance for Political Prisoners (Burma)
Associated Press, et al.
Associated Universities, Inc.
Association for Asian Studies
Association for Asian Studies, Committee on American Library Resources on the Far East
Association for Asian Studies, Inc.
Association for Asian Studies.
Association for Computing Machinery
Association for Jewish Studies
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Association of Space Explorers--USA
Association of State Floodplain Managers, and U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency
Association of State Presidents, and National Society of United States Daughters of 1812
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Special Committee on Congressional Ethics
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Special Committee on the Federal Loyalty-Security Program
Association of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries FME
Association of the United States Army, Institute of Land Warfare
Association of the United States Army, Landpower Education Fund, Institute of Land Warfare
Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Aster, Sidney
Astin, Alexander W.
Astin, Helen S., Suniewick, Nancy, and Dweck, Susan
Astiz, Carlos Alberto
Aston, George
Aston, W. H.
Astor, Gerald
Atcheson, Dean
Atchison, Floyd
Athearn, Robert G.
Atholl, Desmond; and Cherkinian, Michael
Atkeson, Edward B.
Atkins, G. Pope
Atkins, Jerry
Atkins, John Black
Atkins, Linda
Atkins, Ollie
Atkins, Richard
Atkins, Stephen E.
Atkins, Teresa (Editor), and Girard, Stephanie (Editor), and Willis, Frank R. (Contributing Editor)
Atkinson, Brooks
Atkinson, C. T.
Atkinson, James David
Atkinson, Jay
Atkinson, Jenni
Atkinson, Linda
Atkinson, Oriana
Atkinson, Rick
Atkinson, Thomas Witlam
Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Braves Baseball Club
Atlanta Historical Society
Atlantic Council of the United States, Nuclear Fuels Policy Working Group
Atlas, David
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Atomic Industrial Forum
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Attenborough, David
Atteridge, A. Hilliard (Andrew Hilliard)
Attiwill, Kenneth
Attlee, Tracey [Photographer]
Attmore, Stephen
Attwood, William
Atwell, Lester
Atwood, Thomas C., ed.
Atwood, William G., and Johnson, A. A., and Clapp, William F., and Miller, Robert C., and Walker, H. W., and McQuaid, H. S., and Allen, Marjorie S.
Atyeo, Don
Aub, Joseph C. (Joseph Charles), and Hapgood, Ruth K.
Aubrac, Lucie, trans. by Konrad Bieber and Betsy Wing
Aubrey, Charles A., and Felkins, Patricia K.,
Aucoin, Kevyn
Audeh, Walid F., ed.
Auel, Jean M.
Auer, Joseph, and Harris, Charles Edison
Auerbach, Ann Hagedorn
Auerbach, Arnold "Red"
Auerbach, Eveline Brooks, and Ogden, Annegret S. (Editor)
Auerbach, Jerold S.
Auerbach, Samuel H., and Robinson, Judith (Editor)
Aufderheide, Maurice B., III (Scientific Editor)
Aufderheide, Patricia
Augarten, Stan
Aughinbaugh, William E.
August, William J.
Augustine, Norman R.
Augustine, Norman, and Adelman, Kenneth
Aukofer, Frank, and Lawrence, William P.
Auletta, Ken
Aunan, Kristin, Fang, Jinghua, Li, Guanghai, et al.
Aurand, A. Monroe
Aurand, A. Monroe, Jr.
Aurthur, Robert A., and Cohlmia, Kenneth, ed. by Robert T. Vance
Auslander, Joseph
Auster, Lawrence
Auster, Paul, and Reifler, Nelly, eds.
Austern, Norman
Austin, Ben
Austin, F. Britten
Austin, Jane and Winters, Ben H.
Austin, John
Austin, John ("Gun Buster")
Austin, Lewis, ed.
Austin, Lynn N
Austin, Paul Britten
Austin, Raymond
Austin, Tracy, and Brennan, Christine
Australia Department of Foreign Affairs
Australia Department of Primary Industries and Energy
Australia, Royal Australian Air Force Directorate of Public Relations
Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Australian Bureau of Industry Economics
Australian Government, Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office
Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
Australian Military Forces
Australian Science and Technology Council
Auten, James H.
Autry, James A.
Auxier, John A
Aveling, Stephen Thomas, and Boutell, Charles
Averick, Sara M., and Rosen, Steven J.
Avery, Al
Avery, J., et al.
Avey, Denis, with Broomby, Rob
Avinoam, Reuven, ed.
Avinov, Marie as told to Chavchavadze, Paul
Avis, Jen Bays, and Ward, Kathy F.
Avis, Warren E.
Avishai, Bernard
Avnery, Uri
Avraham, Shmuel, and Kushner, Arlene
Avram, C. C.
Avrett, Eugene H., ed.
Avrich, Paul, and Avrich, Karen
Avriel, Ehud
Avtamonov, Igor
Avtorkhanov, A.
Awad, Mubarak E. (Editor), and Barnitz, Laura A.
Awad, Mubarak E., Jackson, Christine (Editor), and Barnitz, Laura A. (Editor), Karen Marysdaughter (Contributor);
Awiakta, Marilou
Axel, Kermit, et al.
Axel-Lute, Miriam
Axelbank, Albert
Axelgard, Frederick W. (Editor)
Axson, Stockton, and Link, Arthur Stanley
Axtmann, R.
Ayer, Eleanor H., Waterford, Helen, and Heck, Alfons
Ayer, Fred, Jr.
Ayer, Frederick
Ayer, Frederick, Jr.
Ayers, Bradley Earl
Ayers, Edward L.
Ayling, Stanley
Ayres, Harry V.
Ayres, Leonard P.
Ayres, N. E., and Fitch, S. H., and Stewart, D. B.
Azan, Paul, trans. at Harvard University
Azaroff, Leonid V., and Brophy, James John
Azbel, Mark Ya., ed. by Grace Pierce Forbes
Aziz, Philip; and Bizub, Edouard (Translator); and Haentzler, Philip (Translator)
Azoy, A. C. M.
Azoy, A. C. M. (Anastasio Carlos Mariano)
Azoy, A. C. M., and Banning, Kendall
Azzi, Robert