The Red Army; The Red Army--1918 to 1945; The Soviet Army--1946 to the Present

Gloucester, MA: Peter Smith, 1968. Reprint Edition. Hardcover. xiv, 480, [4] pages. Illustrations. Maps. Biographical Notes. Index. Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart (31 October 1895 – 29 January 1970), commonly known throughout most of his career as Captain B. H. Liddell Hart, was a British soldier, military historian and military theorist. In the 1920s and later he wrote a series of military histories that proved influential among strategists. He argued that frontal assault was a strategy that was bound to fail at great cost in lives, as happened in 1914–1918. He instead recommended the "indirect approach" and reliance on fast-moving armored formations. The experiences he suffered on the Western Front profoundly affected him for the rest of his life. He worked as the military correspondent of The Daily Telegraph from 1925 to 1935, and of The Times from 1935 to 1939. As Prime Minister in 1937, Chamberlain placed Liddell Hart in a position of influence behind British grand strategy of the late thirties. n 1954, Liddell Hart published his most influential work, Strategy. Derived from a Kirkus review: The well known military specialist collects articles by European and American authorities which together define the modern Russian Army in terms of its history, equipment, types of campaigns, individual soldier psychology,etc. Among the contributors are Leonard Schapiro, the Colonel Andolanko, Marshall Weygand, J. M. Mackintosh, Sir David Kelly, former British ambassador to Moscow, and the editor. The topics range widely, to include almost every aspect of an army's life and in this case to distinguish the Red Army as a world entity- developed from the traditions of Peter the Great, fashioned by the Revolution, pervaded by the Communist ideologies and a fantastic upsurge of technical advancements. All of the recent campaigns are closely analyzed: from the Russian, from the Axis, and from the Allied point of view. Especially interesting are Sir David Kelly's comments on Soviet soldier psychology. A substantial addition to military history. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Russia, WWII, Cold War, Soviet Union, Soviet Army, Red Army, Strategy, Intelligence, Infantry, Guderian, Blumentritt, von Manstein, Miksche, Raymond Garthoff, Ogorkiewicz, Kurt Student

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