The Space Shuttle at Work; NASA SP-432/NASA EP-156

Washington, DC: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1979. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. [8], 76 pages. Wraps. Profusely illustrated (many in color) with color fold-out illustration. Index. Howard Allaway, American editor, writer. Recipient Exceptional Service medal National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1973. He was with the Associated Press, New York City, 1936-1940. Picture editor, city editor, national editor, news editor Prime Minister, New York City, 1940-1948. Associate editor Popular Science Monthly, 1948-1950, managing editor, 1951-1957, editor, 1957-1962. He was then managing editor Consumer Reports magazine, Mount Vernon, New York, 1962-1963. Assistant to Sunday editor New York Times, 1950-1951. Deputy director, technical publications division National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1963-1964, deputy director science and technical information division, 1965-1966, public affairs officer space science, manned flight, space applications, 1966-1976. ‘NASA Space Shuttle at Work’ is an introduction to the capabilities and potential of a low earth orbit delivery system. The Space Shuttle is a reusable human spaceflight vehicle capable of reaching low Earth orbit. The vehicle consisted of a spaceplane for orbit and re-entry, fueled by an expendable liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen tank, with reusable strap-on solid booster rockets. Major missions included launching numerous satellites and interplanetary probes, conducting space science experiments, and servicing and construction of space stations. The Space Shuttle had a two-stage ascent. The orbiter carried people and payloads such as satellites or space station parts into low Earth orbit, the Earth's upper atmosphere or thermosphere. During descent, the orbiter passed through different layers of the atmosphere and decelerated from hypersonic speed primarily by aerobraking. The aerodynamic shape was a compromise between the demands of re-entry, hypersonic flight, and subsonic flight. Condition: very good.

Keywords: Spacecraft, NASA, Space Shuttle, Space Exploration, Space Science, Astronautics, Spacelab, Launch Vehicles, Orbiters, Cabin Module, Spacelab, Solid Rocket Booster

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