The Personnel System of the United States Army; Vol. I: History of the Personnel System; Vol. II The Personnel Manual

Washington, DC: Presumed United States Government Printing Office, 1919. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Hardcover. C.C.P. 400. Volume I: viii, 713, [3] pages. Figures (1 fold-out). Tables. Appendices. Index. Boards quite weak and partially restrengthened with glue. Pencil name inside front board, Cover/spine is scuffed and has worn edges. Grayish binding. Volume II: viii, 342, [2] pages. Figures, including several fold-outs. Tabular information. Index. No board weakness noted. Red binding. This is a mixed set due to different color of binding. In a 1918 journal article, the functions of the Committee on Classification of Personnel in the Army were enumerated as: (1) classifying personnel according to their military qualifications (2) establishing the Trade-Tests division (3) enlisting the occupational needs of units in a division (4) extending the personnel work to staff corps troops (5) establishing the Central Personnel Bureau (6) appointing a committee on education and special training (7) organizing the War Service Exchange (8) rating the officers and candidates for commissions in the Officers Training Camps (10) cooperating with the Provost Marshall General (11) reducing the army paper work (12) enlisting the intelligence ratings of army men and (13) selecting aviators and navy men. The Committee on Classification of Personnel in the Army subsequently became The Classification Division, Adjutant-Generals Department. The personnel system of the United States Army, developed during 1917 and 1918, was an answer to the demand for a method of increasing the speed and efficiency of mobilization by utilizing to the best advantage the training, experience, and other qualifications which recruits brought with them from civil life. The system was planned and introduced largely through the efforts of the Committee on Classification of Personnel in the Army, a civilian body working under the jurisdiction of the Adjutant General of the Army. The history of this movement is dole in Volume I. Volume II contains "The Personnel Manual". It gives detailed instructions for the actual operation of the personnel system as finally evolved and used during the latter part of 1918. This manual is the product of the experience of a year and is issued in complete form as a series of helpful suggestions so that the Army may profit by them in peace as well as in any future emergency. Condition: Good.

Keywords: WWI, Draft, Conscription, U.S. Army, Personnel, Selective Service, Soldier's Qualification Card, Trade Tests, Intelligence Ratings, Officers' Qualification Card, Students' Army Training, Demobilization, Personnel Administration, Job Analysis, Trainin

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