Mankind: The Magazine of Popular History, Volume 1, Part Two, Bimonthly Issues 7 Through 12, June 1968 - April 1969

Los Angeles, CA: Mankind Publishing Company, 1969. quarto, 570 total, illus. (some color), reading lists Contains an article by Robert Hardy Andrews on "The Truth About Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders" (issue #9, pp. 20-27, 41-52, profusely illus.) Also contains articles on the war with Mexico, the sinking of the Titanic, America's 1863 draft riots, the battle of Stalingrad in WWII, Catherine the Great, Robin Hood, Henry VIII of England (by Winston Churchill), and the German invasion of Belgium in WWI, among many others. Condition: very good.

Keywords: Periodicals, Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Riders, Spanish-Am War, Mexican War, Titanic, Woodrow Wilson, King Henry VIII, Stalingrad

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