American Heritage, Volume XV, Number 5, August 1964. Special Issue: The Presidency

New York: American Heritage Pub. Co., 1964. 29 cm, 112, illus. (some color), spine torn at top, boards and edges soiled, edges mildewed but no pages stuck togetherIncludes an article by Bernard A. Weisberger, "How to Get Elected," about political campaigning for the Presidency; an article by Henry F. Graff, "A Heartbeat Away," about the Vice Presidency, along with a gallery of the Vice Presidents from John Adams to Lyndon Baines Johnson; and an article by Bruce Catton, "The Moment of Decision," about five major Presidential decisions (Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, Andrew Jackson and the nullification crisis, Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, Theodore Roosevelt and trust busting, and Harry Truman and the atomic bomb). Condition: fair.

Keywords: White House, U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents, Assassinations, James Garfield, Generals, Politics, Periodicals

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