U.S.-Soviet Military Balance: Concepts and Capabilities, 1960-1980

Joseph Scopin (Cover design) New York: McGraw Hill, 1980. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. 25 cm. xviii, 645, [1] pages. Wraps. Maps. Illustrations (Tables and Figures). Footnotes. Annexes (Statistical Summaries, Force Characteristics, Glossary, abbreviations, Acronyms, Weapon System Nicknames). Index. Some wear and soiling to covers. Minor page warping. Pencil erasure on title page. Significant portions of this book were derived from a study produced by the Congressional Research Service and were not covered by copyright. From the Foreword signed by Congressman Bill Chappell and Congressman Jack Kemp: "For several years, John Collins, working as an analyst of national security and defense issues for the Congressional Research Service, has built a respected reputation among those familiar with issues of defense and national security. Based largely on the high regard in which Mr. Collins is held professionally, two years ago we jointly requested that he undertake a comprehensive treatment of the military and strategic balance between our nation's forces and those of the Soviet Union. The final product of John Collin's work, as published between these covers, is a balance sheet. The book is a milestone, as well as the first truly comprehensive look at the subject, in which the author not only examines all facets of the situation but attempts to relate those elements to one another." Practicing the art of "net assessment," this weighty volume seeks to appraise the military balance between the two superpowers, bilaterally and in combination with their allies. The author, a retired military officer, was a defense specialist at the Library of Congress. He presents a massive compilation of facts and figures, juxtaposing military capabilities and trends, and touching on almost every aspect of the subject. Military strategists and their armchair colleagues can use this generally accurate volume to their advantage. Condition: good.

Keywords: Cold War, NATO, Nuclear Weapons, Missiles, Airpower, Seapower, Civil Defense, Warsaw Pact, Logistics, Military Balance, Net Assessment, Security Interests, Strategic Nuclear Forces, Tactical Air Power, Cuban Missile Crisis, Trend Analysis, Strategic

ISBN: 0076067033

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