Nixon; Volume Three: Ruin and Recovery, 1973-1990

New York: Simon and Schuster, 1992. 1st Touchstone Edition. Third Printing. Trade paperback. 667, [5] pages. Wraps. Illustrations. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Slight darkening to text, some soiling to spine, black line on fore-edge. Stephen Edward Ambrose (January 10, 1936 – October 13, 2002) was an American historian and biographer of U.S. Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. He was a longtime professor of history at the University of New Orleans and the author of many bestselling volumes of American history. Ambrose was a history professor from 1960 until his retirement in 1995. From 1971 onward, he was on the faculty of the University of New Orleans, where he was named the Boyd Professor of History in 1989, an honor given only to faculty who attain "national or international distinction for outstanding teaching, research, or other creative achievement". Ambrose also wrote a three-volume biography of Richard Nixon. Although Ambrose was a strong critic of Nixon, the biography was considered fair and just regarding Nixon's presidency. Watergate is a story of high drama and low skullduggery, of lies and bribes, of greed and lust for power. With access to the central characters, the public papers, and the trials transcripts, Ambrose explains how Nixon destroyed himself through a combination of arrogance and indecision, allowing a "third-rate burglary" to escalate into a scandal that overwhelmed his presidency. Within a decade and a half however, Nixon had become one of America's elder statesmen, respected internationally and at home even by those who had earlier clamored loudest for his head. This is the story of Nixon's final fall from grace and astonishing recovery. This is a brilliant conclusion to one of the most important political biographies of the decade. Drawing on tape-recorded conversations, private writings, and Nixon's own words, Ambrose captures the man, the president, and his many contradictions, from Nixon's Watergate days to his comeback as elder statesman and bestselling author. Condition: Good.

Keywords: Richard M. Nixon, Presidents, Politics, Watergate, Republican Party, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Impeachment, Spiro Agnew, John Dean, John Erlichman, Alexander Haig, Bob Haldeman, Howard Hunt, Vietnam War, Watergate Affair

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