From Crossbow to H-Bomb; The Evolution of the Weapons and Tactics of Warfare

Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1973. Revised and enlarged edition. 1st Midland Edition. Trade paperback. 320, [4] pages. Wraps. Illustrations. Bibliography. Index. Bernard Brodie (May 20, 1910 – November 24, 1978) was an American military strategist well known for establishing the basics of nuclear strategy. Known as "the American Clausewitz," and "the original nuclear strategist," he was an initial architect of nuclear deterrence strategy and tried to ascertain the role and value of nuclear weapons after their creation. Brodie was initially a strong supporter of the concept of escalating responses; he promoted the view that a war in Europe would be started with conventional forces and escalate to nuclear only if and when necessary. After a meeting with French counterparts in 1960, he came to espouse a very different policy, one based purely on nuclear deterrence with the stated position that the US would use nuclear arms at the first instance of hostilities of any sort. Brodie felt that anything short of this seriously eroded the concept of deterrence and might lead to situations where one side might enter hostilities believing it could remain non-nuclear. This change in policy made Brodie increasingly at odds with his contemporaries. Fawn McKay Brodie (September 15, 1915 – January 10, 1981) was an American biographer and one of the first female professors of history at UCLA, who is best known for Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History (1974). As a woman, Brodie met some resistance from the large and overwhelmingly male history faculty, but her specialty in the current field of psychohistory aided her original appointment and her eventual promotion to full professor. This classic in the field of military history covers weaponry from Archimedes' catapult down to MIRV and the ABM, emphasizes the contributions of science to warfare, and includes an extensive new chapter on the weapons of the nuclear age. The authors trace the impact of weaponry from the middle ages into the depths of the cold war, covering each topic and era successfully and succinctly. Although the authors do not overlook the contributions of craftsmen and intuitive inventors, their chief emphasis is on the advances wrought by scientists, and hence on the events of the last two centuries. An extensive new chapter brings the reader up to date on guided missiles, antiballistic systems, nuclear-powered submarines, and the new developments in conventional weaponry. From Crossbow to H-Bomb is Brodie's attempt to survey all the technology-driven transformations in Western warfare, and (once you adjust for the fact that it was written in the 1960s and last updated in 1973) it's a masterful job. Brodie knows the details of the subject cold, and he presents them in a straightforward way. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Weaponry, Gunpowder, Hand Guns, Artillery, Fortification, Naval Warfare, Tactics, Nuclear Weapons, Land Warfare, Military Technology, Operations Research, Systems Analysis, Strategic Weapons

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