Army Technical Manual TM 11-5815-334-10-HR: Radio Teletypewriter Sets

Washington, DC: U.S. Department of the Army, 1985. Revised Edition. Approx. 100, wraps, 3-hole punched, covers somewhat worn and soiled. Complete title: Hand Receipt Covering Contents of Components of End Item (COEI), Basic Issue Items (BII), and Additional Authorization List (AAL) for Radio Teletypewrite Sets. Supersedes TM 11-5815-334-12-HR, 29 December 1978, including Change 1, 12 November 1979. Addresses AN/GRC-122, AN/GRC-122A, AN/GRC-122B, AN/GRC-122C, AN/GRC-122D, AN/GRC-122E, AN/GRC-142, AN/GRC-142A, AN/GRC-142B, AN/GRC-142C, AN/GRC-142D, AN/GRC-142E. Condition: good.

Keywords: Military Manuals, Technical Manuals, Radio Teletypewrite, Teletypewriter, COEI, Basic Issue Items, AN/GRC-142, Hand Receipt

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