The War from Within: German Working-Class Women in the First World War

Place_Pub: Oxford: Berg Publishers, 1997. 343, 343, wraps, tables, chapter notes, select bibliography, indexes, ink underlining and marginal notations. This important translation looks at World War I from the perspective of German working-class women. The author demonstrates the intimate connection between "general" social history and women's history while analyzing the dynamics between these different levels of interpretation. She asks: How did women view the war and whom did they hold responsible for it? How did military leaders and politicians perceive women at work, in the home, and on the streets? This book explores the ways in which the people themselves interpreted their world and their lives--a perspective often neglected by historians but one becoming increasingly relevant in Germany today. Essential reading for all those interested in War Studies, German Studies, History, and Women's Studies and an excellent text for course use. Condition: good.

Keywords: Feminism, Women's Studies, Auxillary Service, Working Class, WW1, Sexuality, Homeworkers, Female Employment, Germany

ISBN: 1859731473

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