From Failing Hands: The Story of Presidential Succession

New York: Fordham University Press, 1965. 368, appendices, footnotes, bibliography, index, paper clip marks in top margin pp. 275-280 (no impact on text). Foreword by Paul A. Freund. Inscribed by the author ("John"). A detailed account of presidential succession as reflected in the deaths and illnesses of Presidents, in the crises reflected in these events, and in the continuing growth in importance of the second office in the land--the vice-presidency. The book opens with a summary of the assassination of President Kennedy and the succession of Lyndon B. Johnson. There is extensive discussion of Grover Cleveland, James Garfield, Warren G. Harding, William Henry Harrison, James Madison (and the first succession law), William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. The authoralso examines the succession provisions of state and foreign governments in the context of succession crises involving state governors and world leaders. Scarce. Condition: very good, fair to good.

Keywords: U.S. Presidents, US Vice Presidents, JFK Assassination, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. Constitution, John Tyler, William McKinley, Inscribed

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