25 Views: Copyrighted Stereographs: Number 135, Uncle Sam's Soldier Boys.

Copyrighted Stereographs. Wraps. 25 p. Includes illustrations. All 25 present. Color present, but faded on some cards. Described as High-Grade Stereographs. Title from card box. Images present are: Being Decorated by a French Flower Lady; Digging Trenches; Helping a Wounded Scotchman; Headquarters in France; Being Decorated for Bravery; Blue Jackets; Now Bring on Your Gas; Arrival in France [shows Pershing]; Bombarded with Flowers; Boys Who Saw Action; On the March; Putting on Gas Masks; Doing Police Duty in Paris; Building U. S. Aeroplanes; Lessons in French; Taking Views from an Aeroplane; Company Drill; Soldier with Gas Mask; Lessons in Quick Gun Firing; First Aid; Waiting for the Bugle Call to Advance; Open Air Bakery'; A Wounded French Soldier; Allies on the Front; and Gifts from Home. Appears to be circa 1918. Condition: Fair. No dust jacket as issued. Images on stiff card stock, approximately 7 inches by 3.5 inches. Box, in tatters, missing some pieces.

Keywords: First World War; World War One; WWI; Great War; European War; Stereographs; U. S. Army; Gas Masks; Aeroplanes; Western Front; Military Images; Soldier Boys

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