Judging Annan

Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2007. Hardcover. xi, 274 p. Footnotes. Illustrations. Index. Kofi Annan has confronted numerous challenges, both before and during his tenure as Secretary-General of the United Nations. Citing inaction from the UN in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and the Iraq Oil-for-Food scandal in 2004, critics allege that Annan failed in his responsibilities in the face of the challenges. Annan's proponents, however, say he lit the world with his gospel of peace and prosperity for all, sanctity of the rule of law and respect for one another. They point to his creativity and mastery of diplomacy, within the limits of his authority and human frailty, as hallmarks of his success. But what has Annan been judged on? Facts or fiction? Skills or skin color? Performance or prejudice? And how will Annan be judged by posterity? In answering these questions, Judging Annan reveals how Annan's avowed critics have allowed prejudice to cloud their sense of judgment. In this book, Richard Bagudu exposes the deliberate public misinformation on topics like the genocide in Rwandan, the Oil-for-Food scandal and the behind-the-scene roles that some nations have played in ensuring the failure of the UN in critical situations. Condition: Very good in very good dust jacket. Signed by author.

Keywords: Kofi Annan, Secretary General, Peacekeeping, Genocide, Human Rights, Hutu, Kigali, Oil-for-Food, Security Council, Resoulution 986, Rwanda, Tutsi

ISBN: 9781425960933

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