Amnesty International Report 2005: the state of the world's human rights

New York: Amnesty International, 2005. First printing. Trade paperback. 308 p. Maps (color). Illustrations (color). This report covers the period January to December 2004. FOreword by Irene Khan. It is dedicated to the memory of Peter Benenson (1921-2005), founder of Amnesty International. Repression, poverty and war dominated the lives of hundreds of millions of people at the turn of the century. Governments all over the world used imprisonment, torture and murder to silence opposition and maintain their hold on power. Lack of political freedom and a widening gap between rich and poor fuelled protests which were met with brutality and violence in many countries. The Amnesty International report 2000 bears witness to the human rights abuses suffered by people in more than 140 countries and territories around the world. In some countries instability degenerated into opened armed conflict or lawlessness which cost the lives of countless men, women and children. International military interventions in Kosovo and East Timor, and the muted international response to the Russian bombing of Chechnya, intensified the debate over how the international community should respond to mass human rights abuses. This report reflects not only the failures of human rights protection but also the creativity, determination and successes of the human rights movement. Condition: Very good. No dust jacket as issued.

Keywords: Human Rights, Amnesty International, Political Prisoners, Torture, Rape, United Nations, Civil Liberties, Oppression, Repression

ISBN: 9781887204422

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