EMP: The Nuclear Winter

Createspace, 2013. Presumed first paperback edition/first printing. Trade paperback. 268 pages. Illustrations, black & white. Signed by author on page 'i'. From an on-line posting: " EMP is a fictional book that that brings to reality the life of the survivors living underground in the aftermath of an EMP and nuclear attack. Following an EMP attack upon the United States, a contingency plan kicks in to sequester some of the nation s top scientists and their families in the abandoned Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository at Jackass Flats, Nevada. A nuclear exchange that occurs later isolates this group of survivors in a highly technological environment inside the mountain to ensure their survival on a planet that in the timespan of one-second reentered the Stone Age. EMP is a work of fiction because to date the world has never experienced an EMP, electromagnetic pulse attack or a nuclear winter. However, it is just a matter of time before a group or nation of radicals will use such a dreadful device in a terrorist attack on a American city with the same effect as described in this book. From Wikipedia: "Thornton D. "TD" Barnes is the president of Roadrunners Internationale and former Executive Director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame. Since the CIA declassification of some of his projects at Area 51, Barnes has appeared on numerous TV shows, symposium panels, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Cold War Oral History Project. He was featured in 2011 in a National Geographic Channel documentary titled Area 51 Declassified. He is the author of Soaring With the Eagles-Odyssey to Area 51, CIA Bride, and EmP-Nuclear Winter. Mr. Barnes was born at Dalhart, Texas on January 25, 1937. He graduated from Mountain View High School in Mountain View, Oklahoma in the class of 1954. Mr. Barnes began a unique and diverse career while in the U.S. Army where he advanced from serving in. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Electromagnetic Pulse, EMP, Nuclear Winter, Teotwawki, Jackass Flats, Area 51, Yucca Mountain, Civil Defense, Nuclear Weapons

ISBN: 9781482728156

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