Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 30-545; English-Russian, Russian-English Electronics Dictionary

Washington, DC: GPO, 1956. Wraps. 944 pages. Wraps. List of Sources. Explanatory Notes. Transliteration Table. Ink name on front cover in English and Russian. Front cover creased. 1. Purpose. This manual is published to aid the English-speaking researcher, translator, writer, editor, or engineer who has occasion to use Russian language publications on Electronics and Telecommunication. Though a pioneer work in its field the dictionary is believed to be reasonably comprehensive as all modern sources available have been used in the compilation. In addition to the sources published in the U.S.A., the U.S.S.R. and the U.K., many Russian terms have been obtained from Soviet factories, research institutions, and individual scientists. 2. Contents. The dictionary is an overall collection of about 22,000 Russian terms and abbreviations covering the following fields : Antennas and Waveguides, Atomics (principal terms), Aeronautical applications, Batteries, Beacons, Cable, Communications, Computers, Dial telephone systems, Direction finding, Electroacoustics, Electromedical applications, Electron devices, Electronics, Facsimile, High-frequency techniques, Industrial electronics, Marine applications, Measurements and measuring instruments, Modulation systems, Navigation (radio aids to), Optics, Oscillographs, Photo applications, Physics (fringe terms), Pulse work, Radar, Radio, Radiolocation, Radiology, RR signals, Interlocking and automatic control, Semiconductors (including transistors), Signaling (including alarm systems). Condition: fair.

Keywords: Technical Manuals, Russian Language, Dictionaries, Cold War, Electronics, TM 30-545, Military Manuals, Transliteration, Radiolocation, Signalling, Semiconductors

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