Reorganizing America's Defense; Leadership in War and Peace

McLean, VA: Pergamon-Brassey's, 1985. Presumed First Paperback Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. xxiv, 436, [2] pages. Figures. Tables. Notes. Index. Inscribed by author (Bob) on half-title page to John Steinbruner! John Steinbruner was a Professor of Public Policy at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland and Director of the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland. A true Renaissance man, Dr. Steinbruner was for decades a valuable and trusted advisor on all the Carnegie Corporation's work in peace and security, sharing his deep knowledge of a wide range of subjects, including arms control and nuclear nonproliferation, international policy, biosecurity, relations with Russia and China, and civil conflict. He was the architect of the post -Cold War concept of cooperative security, who, primarily through his roles in the think tank and academic worlds, provided groundbreaking ideas that shaped policy in substantive ways. As an educator at the University of Maryland he mentored a generation of young international policy experts for the twenty-first century and forged educational linkages between upcoming American and Russian international relations specialists. Robert Jeffrey Art is Christian A. Herter Professor of International Relations at Brandeis University, and Fellow at MIT Center for International Studies. He subscribes to the theory of neorealism, which argues that force still underlies the power structure in the modern world. Professor Art is a former member of the Secretary of Defense's Long Range Planning Staff (1982) and a former Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis, and has consulted for the Central Intelligence Agency. Samuel Phillips Huntington (April 18, 1927 – December 24, 2008) was an American political scientist, adviser and academic. He spent more than half a century at Harvard University, where he was director of Harvard's Center for International Affairs. During the presidency of Jimmy Carter, Huntington was the White House Coordinator of Security Planning for the National Security Council. He is best known for his 1993 theory, the "Clash of Civilizations", of a post-Cold War new world order. He argued that future wars would be fought between cultures, and that Islamic extremism would become the biggest threat to world peace. Huntington is credited with helping to shape U.S. views on civilian-military relations, political development, and government. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Amos Perlmutter, Robert Komer, James Schlesinger, Morton Halperin, Jacques Gansler, Defense Policy, Arms Race, Defense Organization, Decisionmaking, Defense Management, Joint Military Structure, National Security, Strategy, Joint Chiefs of Staff, JCS

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