Living in Space; From Science Fiction to the International Space Station

Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2000. First English Language Edition. First Printing [stated]. Trade paperback. 213, [3] pages. Illustrations (most in color). Format is approximately 9 inches by 11 inches. This work was first published in Italian as Abitare Io Spazio in 1998. Cover has slight wear and soiling. "Living in Space" tells the story of the orbital pioneers of the past and the fascinating future that now lies open before us. It narrates this century old story that combines science fiction stories, scientific and technological breakthroughs, political intrigue and imaginative ideas where fantasy, imagination and adventure are basic ingredients for every past and future endeavor. With the aide of numerous pictures, some published for the first time, we have the full story of the successes and disasters, of how courageous astronauts lived and, above all, what future living conditions will be like in the near future. International cooperation between the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada and Brazil has resulted in man's first successful attempt to live in space. And after many projects and some experimental space stations, like the Russian Salyut and Mir or the American Skylab. At the time this was written, the world was almost ready to launch the International Space Station, a stable space station geared towards the future. As large as a football field, this engineering masterpiece was scheduled for completion in 2002. It will host six people, and astronauts of every nationality were expected to do extensive traveling to and from the station in orbit. Many scientific studies will be conducted on board and even more eagerly anticipated are the preparations for the great journey back to the Moon and later to Mars and beyond. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: International Space Station, von Braun, Skylab, Salyut, Mir, Spacecraft, Human Factors, Military Space Applications, Space Science, International Cooperation

ISBN: 1552095495

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