Operationalizing COIN; JSOU Report 05-2

Hurlburt Field, FL: Joint Special Operations University, 2005. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. v, [1], 113, [1] pages. Illustrations. Endnotes. Principles, Axioms & Rules, Acronyms, Definitions, References, Additional Reading. Colonel Joseph D. Celeski, U.S. Army, Retired, provides his thoughts on how we might think about, plan, and conduct operations in the new threat environment of "Terro-Insurgency." In this environment insurgents are joined by various terrorists, drug traffickers, and other criminals to create what he calls the "Gray Stew" mix that confronts us today in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Based on his understanding of the new environment, Colonel Celeski posits a theory of counterinsurgency (COIN) and suggests techniques for developing the COIN plan and executing it employing special operations forces. He reinforces his concepts concerning COIN with a review of the war in Afghanistan. Chapter 1, "Framing the Requirement," explores the need for SOF to conduct unconventional operations in a COIN environment. Chapter 2, "The Nature of the Threat," explores the changing nature of the new threat -- the convergence of nonstate actors, insurgents, guerrillas, and terrorists. Chapter 3, "A Modern Counterinsurgency Theory," describes a theory for COIN warfare, examines previous U.S. approaches, and suggests a set of principles by which we might operate in the security environment of the 21st century. Chapter 4, "Developing the COIN Campaign," establishes operating principles for campaign planning to facilitate translating the operational art of COIN into battlefield effects. Chapter 5, "The War in Afghanistan 2002-2004," provides a case study of lessons about the unconventional warfare environment and the associated challenges for COIN professionals. Chapter 6 provides the author's concluding remarks. Appendix A, "Principles, Axioms, and Rules," consolidates time-honored ideas about insurgency and COIN for use by counterinsurgents and COIN campaign planners. Appendix B contains acronyms and Appendix C contains definitions. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Counterinsurgency, Special Operations, Low Intensity Conflict, USSOCOM, Guerrilla Warfare, Effects-based Campaigning, Case Study, Islamic Insurgents, Radicalism, Military Doctrine, Military Training

ISBN: 097673933x

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