Black Book concerning the Mass-deportations in Hungary

Munich: PW Service of the Collegial Society of Hungarian Veterans, 1951. Edition Hungaria. Wraps. 56 pages, illustrations. and fold-out map at back cover entitled "Deportational Communities in Hungary". Includes a List of Present Locations of Deportees. Signed ink inscription at top of title page. Cover has some wear and soiling. This focuses on the effect of communism had on Hungary at the end of the Second World War and during the early years of the Cold War. Deportations of Hungarians to the Czech lands were a series of mass deportations of Hungarian population from southern Slovakia to Czech lands by Czechoslovak authorities. Deportations took place during the period from 1945 to 1947. Presidential Decree No. 071/1945 Coll. ("concerning the work duty of persons that had lost Czechoslovak citizenship") and No. 88/1945 Coll. ("concerning universal work duty") authorized the Czechoslovak administration to draft people into paid labor service for the maximum period of one year in order to redress some of the war damages. The deportation of Hungarians from South Slovakia began to the recently vacated Czech borderlands. Those who could not prove that they either remained loyal to the Czechoslovakia during the war, or that they took part in liberation, or that they were subject to Nazi terror, also had their property confiscated under Presidential Decree No. 108/1945 Coll. Condition: Good.

Keywords: Deportations, Military Occupation, Carpatho-Ukraine, Communist Party, Genocide, Political Prisoners, Kulaks, Executions, Propaganda, Forced Labor

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