8th National Computer Security Conference at the National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland September 30 - October 3, 1985; "Computer Security in the National Arena"

Gaithersburg, MD: Defense Computer Security Center and Institute of Computer Science and Technology of the National Bureau of Standards, 1985. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Ephemera. 14 pages plus covers--Conference agenda. Stapled in upper left corner. Format is 8,5 inches by 11 inches. Some writing noted. Together with a two page listing of National Computer Security Center Documents. Together with a 28 pages (14 sheet) Vendors Conference Registration. In folder. This was the eighth in a series of conferences co-sponsored by the DoD Computer Security Center and the National Bureau of Standards. The theme of the conference was, "Computer Security in the National Arena." The program is directed toward the users as well as the developers of computer security products, and includes presentations on the efforts of the Department of. Defense and National Bureau of Standards, of trusted product researchers, developers, and the private sector. The topics this year include secure networks, verification, assurance, formal models, security architecture, sanitization, applications on secure bases, labeling, hackers, performance tuning of secure products, and market analysis of secure products. In January, 1981, the Computer Security Center was established in the Department of Defense. The Center is encouraging the development of trusted computing systems through technology transfer with industry, and is defining ADP system evaluation procedures to be applied to both Government-developed and commercially developed trusted computing systems. In September, 1984, the President enlarged the mission of the Center to include the Federal civil establishment and segments of the private sector. The National Bureau of Standards' Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology, through its Computer Security and Risk Management Standards Program, seeks new technology to satisfy Federal ADP security requirements. The Institute promulgated cost-effective technology in Federal Information Processing Standards and Guidelines. The Institute cooperated with the Department of Defense in transferring the Computer Security Center's research results throughout the Government and to private industry. Condition: Good.

Keywords: 8th National Computer Security Conference, Defense Computer Security Center, NIST, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Hackers, Sheila Brand, James Burrows, Trusted Systems, William Odom, Lara Baker, Multilevel Security, B1-Enhanced OS/1100, GEMSO

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