Neutrality for the United States

New Haven: Yale University Press, 1937. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Hardcover. xi, [1], 380. [4] pages. Footnotes. Appendices. Index. Cover has some wear and soiling. Some discoloration inside the boards. Some page soiling and discoloration. It is the purpose of this book to expose the fallacies which have so greatly undermined the conception of neutrality, and to indicate the dangerous vistas which unneutrality now opens to the United States. An attempt will be made to present the underlying reasons for neutrality over the centuries, regarded by many down to 1914 as the maximum achievement of international law. The errors in the administration of American neutrality during the period of 1914-17 will then be discussed, and after that the postwar development, including recent legislative proposals and their effect on the neutrality for the United States. The authors hold that the law of neutrality as developed in modern times is too precious a heritage to be thrown away, especially for such a poor substitute as "collective security" -- which they find to be the very antithesis of real neutrality. Most of their volume consists of a history of American "unneutrality" from 1914 to 1917. Their interpretation of our policy during those years pictures Wilson and most of his advisers as far from neutral in thought and deed. Like Mr. Hallgren's work, this book shows the growing disillusionment with our neutrality policy. Condition: Good.

Keywords: Neutrality, International Law, Armed Belligerent Merchantmen, Lusitania, Blockade, Declaration of London, Sanctions, Collective Security, Aggressor, Unneutrality, Borah Resolution, Kellogg-Briand, Norman Davis, Arms Embargo, Chaco Embargo, Buenos Air

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