The Winter War; The Soviet Attack on Finland 1939-1940

Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1992. First Paperback Edition [Stated]. First Printing [Stated]. Trade paperback. xv, [1], 176 pages. Footnotes. Maps. Illustrations. Bibliography. Appendices A-D. Index. Eloise Engle is a specialist in military affairs. She has written 30 books, most of which on military history. She is a recipient of the White Rose of Finland, the highest award given to a foreigner. Lauri Paananen, a native of Finland, entered military service in 1939 and served with the Home Guard during the Winter War, surviving at least a dozen bombings of his hometown, Tampere. This account of the 105-day war between Finland and the Soviet Union in the early stages of WWII focuses on the human side, particularly the bravery of the Finns who, despite being outnumbered, fought the Red Army tenaciously and held out longer than expected. The Soviet Union invaded Finland in November 1939 but became bogged down by wintry conditions and Finnish resistance. Finland was finally forced to surrender in March 1940, but not before impressing the world and highlighting the weakness of the Red Army. The Winter War was a military conflict between the Soviet Union (USSR) and Finland. It began with a Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939, three months after the outbreak of World War II, and ended three and a half months later with the Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940. The conflict began after the Soviets sought to obtain some Finnish territory, demanding among other concessions that Finland cede substantial border territories in exchange for land elsewhere, claiming security reasons—primarily the protection of Leningrad, 20 miles from the Finnish border. Finland refused, and the USSR invaded the country. Many sources conclude that the Soviet Union had intended to conquer all of Finland. Finland repelled Soviet attacks for more than two months and inflicted substantial losses on the invaders while temperatures ranged as low as 45 °F. After the Soviet military reorganized and adopted different tactics, they renewed their offensive and overcame Finnish defenses. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Russo-Finnish War, Winter War, Carl Mannerheim, Karelian Isthmus, Talvisota, Red Army, Motti, Timoshenko, Kollaa, Panzer, Guerrilla Warfare, Viipuri

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