Light Infantry Platoon/Squad; FM 7-70

1986. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus (no indication that this supersedes a previous manual). Wraps. Various paginations. Illustrations. Appendix A-D (The Principles of War, Combat Drill, Preparation of Fighting Positions, and Night Operations). Glossary. References. Index. Cover has substantial wear and soiling. Cover torn at bottom front spine. Edge soiling. Interior pages clean. Cover has a distribution restriction. This publication contains technical or operational information that was, at the time, for official government use only. Distribution was limited to US government agencies. Requests for the release of this publication needed to be made to the Commander, TRADOC, Fort Monroe, Virginia. It is understood that given the passage of time and the likelihood that this publication, or significant portions thereof, were released in connection with Foreign Military Sales or the Freedom of Information Act, that no distribution restriction currently applies. This manual represents the state of the art, the state of practice, and the state of knowledge just prior to U.S. engagement in the First Persian Gulf War. This manual is a guide for light infantry soldiers and units. It gives squad and platoon leaders basic guidance on how to fight as light infantry. It stresses the use of assets found in the division. Light infantry forces train to defeat enemy light forces on any terrain. Against heavier forces, light infantry fights on terrain that uses its unique abilities. Training and tactics emphasize fighting in close terrain such as forests, jungles, mountains, and urban areas. This manual gives squad and platoon leaders the basics needed for success in combat. The commander's estimate of the situation will determine how doctrine is applied. Techniques that apply in most combat situations are discussed. Unit training and standing operating procedures will add some of the detail necessary to execute these techniques in combat. Drills link soldier and leader tasks into well-planned, effective group action to speed the execution of critical tasks once a decision has been made. Condition: Good.

Keywords: Military Manual, Field Manual, Light Infantry, Infantry Platoon, Infantry Squad, Military Leadership, Reconnaissance, Combat Orders, Patrolling, Ambush, Defense Techniques, Retrograde Operations, Combat Support, M60 Machine Gun, 60-, Mortal, Combat

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