Smokey Joe & the General; A Tale of Gen. John E. Wood and His Protégé Lt. Ed Rowny

Washington DC: CreateSpace Independent Publisher, 2013. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Trade paperback. vi, 374, [2] pages. Illustrations. Inscribed on title page by Ed Rowny. This is a combination of his autobiography and a biography of his first boss John Elliott Wood. Wood was considered the best trainer in the Army. Wood gave him increasing responsibilities which resulted in his being promoted ahead of his contemporaries. Wood's examples of professionalism and character had a profound influence over his career. Highlights of this exciting story include: Why attending the 1936 Olympics changed the course of my life, His first assignment in the 41st Singing Engineers, How he became General Douglas MacArthur's spokesman, How Col. Wood's example of moral courage convinced me to retire in protest after the signing of the unverifiable SALT II Treaty It covers the story of an astonishingly varied career that includes service in the combat engineers, commander of an infantry division, pioneering in the new techniques of armed helicopters, and finally Military Representative to the SALT Treaty with the Russians. Edward Leon Rowny (April 3, 1917 – December 17, 2017) was a United States Army Lieutenant General of Polish extraction. He was a commanding officer in World War II and Korea, a military advisor to five U.S. presidents and a negotiator on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). General John Elliott Wood was a commander of the 92nd Infantry Division at the end of World War II. Rowny earned a BS from Johns Hopkins University in Engineering, and held degrees from West Point, Yale (MAs in Engineering and International Affairs) and American University (Ph.D. in International Studies). He became his spokesman and one of the planners of the landing of Inchon, which forced a North Korean retreat and enabled the taking of Seoul. Rowny air dropped a bridge to cross a chasm permitting the rescue of the surrounded Marines and Army troops at the Chosin Reservoir. He was in charge of the evacuation of U.S. troops which rescued one hundred thousand North Koreans who wished to join South Korea. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: John Elliott Wood, United States Army, Singing Engineers, Buffalo Soldiers, Military Training, 92nd Division, Cinquale, Inchon, Infantry School, Gruenther-Grams, NATO, Howze Board, ACTIV, Korean War

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