Counterguerrilla Operations; Department of the Army Field Manual FM 31-16

Washington, DC: Department of the Army, Headquarters, 1967. This manual supersedes FM 31-16, 19 February 1963, 1968 printing by the GPO. Wraps. Format is approximately 7.75 inches by 10. 5 inches. Three-hole punched. 164, [4] pages. Wraps. Figures. References. Military Training. Index. Cover soiled and somewhat stained. This manual provides guidance to commanders and staffs of brigades and subordinate units, and combat, combat support, and combat service support units in the conduct of counterguerrilla operations. It is divided into four parts. Part 1 is the introduction, part 2 contains internal defense and development, part 3 details combat service support, and part 4 explains rear area security operations. Chapters include: Operational Environments, Internal Defense, Hostile Guerrilla Force, Tactical Operations, Psychological Operations, Civil Affairs, Civil Action, Advisory Assistance Operations, Special Operations, Border Control, Airfield Defense, Civil Affairs, Rear Area Security, Brigade Operations. This manual reflects the state of knowledge, the state-of-the-art, the state of practice, and the standards of military training during a peak period of the Vietnam War. Condition: fair to good.

Keywords: Vietnam, Field Manuals, Resistance, Guerrillas, Counterguerrilla, Combat Operations, Guerrilla Warfare, Police Operations, Military Training. Field Manual (FM) 31-16; Counterguerrilla operations; Military operations; Military forces; Reconnaissance;

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