IDA Ground - Air Model I (IDAGAM I).; Volume II: Definitions of Variables AD/A-004 539

Arlington, VA: Institute for Defense Analyses, Program Analysis Division, 1974. DTIC reprint--Approved for Public Release. Wraps. Approximately 95 pages. The IDA Ground-Air Model I (IDAGAM I) is a deterministic fully-automated, theater-level model of non-nuclear combat between two opposing forces. The report consists of five volumes, as follows: (1) Comprehensive Description, (2) Definitions of Variables, (3) Detailed Description of Selected Portions, (4) Documentation, and (5) Testing (U) ( SECRET). The Definition of Variables contains two sections: I. Program, Overlays and Subroutines, and II. Definition of Variables. The definition of all the variables used in IDAGAM I are contained in this volume which is, in a sense, a dictionary for the IDAGAM I computer program. This volume serves two purposes: First, someone interested in either an extremely detailed knowledge of all of IDAGAM I or a review of parts of IDAGAM I can, with the assistance of this volume, read the detailed description. Second, this volume serves as a dictionary-type reference for prepared in input and reading outputs of IDAGAM I. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Ground-Air Warfare, Simulation Model, Theater-Level Model, Military Operations Research, Defense Planning, Ground Forces, Tactical Air Forces

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