Military Mountaineering; Training Circular No. 90-6-1, C1, TC 90-6-1

Washington DC: United States. Department of the Army. Headquarters, 1976. This is a reprint which includes current pages from C1. Wraps. Format is approximately 5.25 inches by 8.25 inches. ii, 139, [3] pages. Illustrations. Appendix A: References. Appendix B: Master Training Program. Appendix C: Tactical Employment of Climbers. Appendix D: Measurement Conversion Factors. Glossary. Index. Cover is scuffed and has sticker residue. This training circular, #TC 90-6-1, is designed to help the reader become an expert military mountaineer. Gives information for survival in different terrains, climates and types of weather. Tactics with climbing ropes and knots, operations on glaciers and snow covered mountains. This is the finest book written on 'real world' mountaineering (not just for sport). In current use with Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Special Forces, Marines, and sport climbers. Covers basic techniques, movement of individuals and units, and evacuation. Military Mountaineering Covers basic techniques, movement of individuals and unit movement and evacuation. Operations on glaciers and snow covered mountains, fixed alpine paths, also master training program. TCs contain material that is directive or informational, is transitory, or needs to be published only once. Circulars expire 2 years from the date of issue or earlier. The Army subsequently issued Field Manual FM 3-97.61 Military Mountaineering. Military mountaineering is a means to enable a commander to negotiate complex terrain, both ascent and descent in mountainous environments, using ropes and other specialized equipment, Military mountaineers understand how environmental factors and terrain can be overcome and used to gain an advantage over enemy forces. Topics such as intelligence collection, offensive and defensive postures, sustainment operations, direct and indirect fires, and communications are examined by military mountaineers. Mountainous environments have variables that elevate the risk level because of the lack of mobility or how quickly the weather can change, while the same mission in other terrain would be low risk and routine. Basic Military Mountaineering training provides soldiers in the fundamental knowledge and skills required to successfully conduct small-unit operations in typical mountainous terrain found throughout the world. Advanced training builds on previous instruction and trains soldiers in the knowledge and skills required to lead small units and teams over technically difficult, hazardous or exposed mountainous terrain during summer months. The course is intended for units or individuals who will conduct operations in mountainous terrain and must operate independently of major units or organizations, or who will lead larger organizations over technically hazardous terrain. Condition: Good.

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