Order of Battle; German Infantry in WWII

London, England: Amber Books, Ltd., 2008. First Edition [stated], presumed first printing. Hardcover. 192 pages. Illustrated endpapers. Illustrations. Maps (with color). Lower edge of rear dust jacket is creased. Chris Bishop was a prolific military historian who wrote and contributed to numerous military publications during a career spanning over 25 years. Chris Bishop worked in publishing since the early 1980s. Amongst his projects are the Illustrated History of the Vietnam War and Vietnam Airwar Debrief. His books include SS: Hitler's Foreign Divisions, Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions and Panzergrenadier Divisions. Topics in this work include German Infantry before World War II; Poland: 1939; Denmark and Norway: 1940; France and the Low Countries: 1940; The Balkans and Crete, 1941-45; North Africa: 1941-43; The Eastern Front: 1941-45; Sicily and Italy: 1943-45; Normandy, France and the Low Countries: 1944; and Defence of the Reich: 1945. Also includes a List of Abbreviations and an Index. This book is an essential reference guide for any serious enthusiast of World War II. Broken down by campaign and key battles within each theater of war, this book illustrates the strengths and organizational structures of the Third Reich's infantry forces. Includes full-color order of battle tree diagrams at army and army group level, which help the reader speedily understand how and where the infantry divisions were employed. German Infantry in World War II examines the organization and strength of the German infantry forces that took part in each major German campaign launched during the war, from the first thrust into Poland through the Bulge to the last stand, the Battle for Berlin. In particular, veteran military historian Chris Bishop describes the great sieges: Stalingrad, Leningrad, Sebastopol, Budapest, and Berlin. He details the infantry forces used during each campaign, giving strengths and orders of battle for the formations involved, along with maps of the action and an assessment of the role of the infantry forces in each offensive. Tanks and infantry working together made the German blitzkrieg as successful as it was. This book focuses closely on the infantry component of that powerful alliance, showing German infantry warfare as it evolved as such a powerful force beginning in 1939, only to fail and face defeat in 1945. Condition: Very good / Good.

Keywords: German Infantry, World War II, Order of Battle Tree Diagrams, Balkans, Eastern Front, Normandy, Crete

ISBN: 9781905704859

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