Tanks of World War II

Gordon Davies, Uwe Feist, Terry Hadler, Michael Ro New York: Exeter Books, 1979. First American Edition, Stated. Presumed first printing. Hardcover. Format is approximately 7.5 inches by 10 inches. [4], 123, [1] pages. Illustrations (some in color). Some wear, tears, soiling and chips to top and bottom edges of dust jacket. This book is not concerned with all armor. It is specifically concerned with tanks. It does not deal with armored cars or, except peripherally, with self-propelled guns and armored personnel carriers. Chapters include 1939: German Campaign Against Poland; 1940: German Campaign in the West; 1940-43; War in North Africa; 1941-45: German Campaign against the Soviet Union; 1941-45: Pearl Harbor: Before and After--The USA in the War; 1944-45: The Last Year. Also includes Index, 277 black and white photographs of tanks, 2 black and white maps, and 24 full color pictures of tanks. This book is an account of all the most important tanks that fought in World War II, where they fought, and a description of their development and leading characteristics. This book is a mild chronological introduction of Tanks and their development to the end of World War II. The order of the book is set to the countries entrance into the war and it a history is given over their tank development. The work starts with the German Campaign against Poland and then covers the campaign in the West, the war in North Africa, and then the campaign against the Soviet Union. In then shifts to the USA in the war, and then covers the final year of the war. Condition: Very good / Good.

Keywords: Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Panzer, Crusader, KV, T-34, Combat Car, Tankettes, Up-Gunning, Up-Armor, Centurion, Koenigstiger, Pershing, M26, Gordon Davies, Uwe Feist, Terry Hadler, Michael Rolfe

ISBN: 0896730271

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