Home of Washington, Mt. Vernon, Va.; C-27 69769

Washington DC: Capitol Souvenir Company, Inc. Presumed First Edition, First printing thus. Post Card. Format is 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Front side has a color image of Mount Vernon from the left side view. The reverse has two sections. The right side has space for stamp and for an address [unfilled]. The left side has the following text MOUNT Vernon, the home of Washington is on the Virginia short of the Potomac. 16 miles south of the Capitol. The second story end window is of the room in which Washington died. The window above is the attic room occupied by Mrs. Washington after her husband's death and chosen because the window overlooked his tomb. The center line text is Capitol Souvenir Company, Inc. Washington, 4. D. C. and logo with an image of the Capitol and the text A Capsco Product Capitol Souvenir Company, Inc. Washington, D.C. It was the year of 1914 when Mr. Jacob Goozh decided to leave his family in Europe and gee to the United States. He arrived in New York City where he had family waiting for him, but after only a few weeks he decided that he did not like it there and moved to Boston.
He stayed with relatives in Boston and worked there for a while until he saw an opportunity for a souvenir photography studio in Washington D.C. So Mr. Goozh went to Washington and set about learning the business of photography. He ventured forth into the City of Washington on a daily basis with his camera to take portraits of people who desired to have their pictures taken. Goozh specialized in developing these shots within a few minutes of being taken in a process then known as "tin-type" photography. "He remained at this for about a year or more and after learning more of photography, he decided to open a photography studio which he did at 917 Penn. Ave., N.W., under the name of Empire Photo Studio. During this time World War I was getting to an end and many soldiers were returning home and passing through Washington. This was an opportune time for them to have their pictures taken with their uniforms and as a result, thousands of thousands of soldiers visited Empire Photo Studio and hand their pictures taken either to send home or as a souvenir.
Mr. Goozh changed the original Empire Photo Studio name to The Capitol Souvenir company, in 1931. He handled the production end of his post card company in house.
Condition: Good.

Keywords: Post Card, Souvenir, Capsco, Mount Vernon, Washington, Tourism, Popular Culture

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