The Cutting Edge

C. J. Heatley III (Photographer) Charlottesville: Thomasson, Grant & Howell, 1986. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Hardcover. Format is approximately 9.25 inches by 12 inches. 152 pages Illustrations (color). Foreword by Senator Jake Garn. Photos depict aircraft carrier activities and are accompanied by comments by crewmembers, and information about aircraft. When Navy fighter pilot C.J. "Heater" Heatley III took his camera into the cockpit of an F-14 and onto the deck of a carrier, he wanted to convey the unique sights and sensations that pilots experience: Russian bombers investigating the battle group, a crippled plane making an emergency landing, shock waves circling a supersonic aircraft, an F-14 TV camera targeting an airplane. Heater's keen photographic eye, his passion for aviation, and his access to the subject make THE CUTTING EDGE a truly unique collection of naval aviation images. A foreword by Senator Jake Garn, sets the stage for the dramatic photographic narrative. Heatley's introduction provides a more intimate view of the highly professional and dedicated Navy pilot. With the photographs are interviews with attack, fighter, antisubmarine, electronic countermeasure, and helicopter pilots. A TOPGUN instructor flying against his students in a mock dogfight, an SH-3 pilot matching his wits against a submarine CO, an air boss directing 400 men and 40 airplanes on the deck of a carrier - their candid accounts dramatize the precision and split second decisions demanded of naval aviators. The reference section contains three-view line drawings of the aircraft, their mission, specifications, and performance. Facts include nicknames, dimensions, weight, speed, range, ceiling, crew, power plant, and armament. Condition: Very good / Good.

Keywords: Pictorial Works, Photojournalism, Pilots, Fighters, Carrier Operations, Naval Aviation, Pilots

ISBN: 0934738173

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