Guerrilla Submarines

New York, N.Y. Ballantine Books, 1976. Third Printing [stated]. Mass market paperback. x, [2] 238, [6] pages. Illustration Cover worn and chipped. Some page discoloration. Weak area of spine reglued. Includes Foreword, Authors' Note, Appendix, and Bibliography. The Never-Before-Told story of the Secret Action that Changed the Course of the War in the Pacific. Here, for the first time is the full, astounding story of how a small group of daring men supported the free Filipino guerrilla forces in their epic struggle with their Japanese oppressors in World War II--How--at the risk of their lives--U.S. submariners kept the guerrillas supplied with arms, ammunition, medical supplies, and other tools of battle necessary to resist the encroaching enemy. Hans Christian Adamson (July 20, 1890 – September 11, 1968) was a Danish-born American writer, who, along with Eddie Rickenbacker, survived adrift for 24 days in the Pacific Ocean in 1942. In October 1942, Eddie Rickenbacker was sent on a tour of air bases in the Pacific Theater of Operations. After visiting several air and sea bases in Hawaii, Rickenbacker was provided an older B-17D Flying Fortress (s/n 40-3089) as transportation to the South Pacific. The bomber strayed hundreds of miles off course while on its way to a refueling stop on Canton Island and was forced to ditch in a remote and little-traveled part of the Central Pacific Ocean. For 24 days, Rickenbacker, his friend and business partner Hans Christian Adamson (then an Army Captain), and the rest of the crewmen drifted in life rafts at sea. Rickenbacker was still suffering somewhat from his earlier airplane crash, and Capt. Adamson sustained serious injuries during the ditching. The other crewmen in the B-17 were hurt to varying degrees. The crewmen's food supply ran out after three days. They lived on sporadic rain water and food such as seagulls. A US Navy patrol OS2U-3 Kingfisher float-plane spotted and rescued the survivors on November 13, off the coast of Nukufetau in Tuvalu. All were suffering from hyperthermia, sunburn, dehydration, and near-starvation. Condition: Fair.

Keywords: Naval Operations, Submarine Warfare, Coast-watchers, Rescue, USS Seawolf, Luzon, Leyte Gulf, Espionage, Spy, Narwhal, Nautilus, Marianas Turkey Shoot, Filipino Guerrillas

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