Interdepartmental Communication

Washington DC: The Catholic University of America. Presumed First printing thus. Single sheet, printed on one side. Format is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, with several tears at top. Interdepartmental communication form has not been filled in! The form has "The Catholic University of America" at the top center. Below it is "Washington 17, D.C." Below that is "Interdepartmental Communication". Below that and to the right is "Date". On the left side are headers of "Subject", "From" and "To". It is extremely unusual to find an unfilled in item of stationary so long after it was produced. Its production preceded the prevalence of Zip Codes and reflects the era of other zone identification. This ephemera has significant potential for use in forensic instruction, analysis of ink, paper, and production methods. It can be used as a theater prop or for the creation/recreation of a document. This type of authentic form can be an invaluable teaching aide for security and intelligence training in the creation and detection of 'legends' for undercover operatives and methods of detecting forgeries or flaws in documents (such as how it might appear if a more modern typewriter (selectric versus strike key) was used to fill in such a format). One can image the use of such a surviving sheet of stationery as a novelist device in a sequel to, for example, The Da Vinci Code, or for other purposes. Condition: Fair.

Keywords: Document Analysis, Forensic Analysis, Spycraft, Tradecraft, Instructional Material, Interdepartmental Communication, Catholic University, Stationery

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