The Granger Movement; A Study of Agricultural Organization and Its Political, Economic, and Social Manifestations 1870-1880

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1933. Second printing [stated] (Originally published in 1913). Hardcover. xi, [1], 384 pages. Includes chapters on Fundamental Conditions; Organization; The Granger Movement as a Political Force; Granger Railway Legislation (Illinois); Granger Railway Legislation (Continued); Business Cooperation; Social and Educational Features; Conclusion: The Significance of the Movement, and Bibliography. Includes Index; 5 charts; 1 table, and 4 maps. The first chapter, which is introductory is intended to bring out the causes of the movement, is concerned with the condition of the farmers in the different sections of the country during the decade 1870--80 and their relations to the various economic and political problems of the day. Chapter 2 tells the story of the Grange and the other organizations by which the farmers proposed to effect their regeneration. Chapter 3 is devoted to the political aspects of the movement--the independent parties which grew out of it and the attempts of the farmers to use their organizations for influencing legislation. The three following chapters deal with the attempt to subject railways to effective regulation by the state, an attempt which became so closely interwoven with the movement for agricultural organization as to be essentially a part of it. In Chapter VII the efforts of the farmers to render themselves independent of middlemen and manufacturers by the establishment of cooperative enterprises are treated; Chapter VIII sets forth the influence of the movement on social and economic conditions. The last chapter traces the connection of the movement with later organizations of farmers and workingmen, and its relation to American history. This work was awarded the Toppan Prize for the year 1910-11. This is one of the Harvard Historical Studies published under the direction of the Department of History from the Income of The Henry Warren Torry Fund. This is Volume XIX. Solon Justus Buck (August 16, 1884 – May 25, 1962) was the Second Archivist of the United States. His academic career, never straying very far from his interest in the history of agricultural communities, started with a brief appointment to Indiana University followed by two years at the University of Illinois, which he left for the University of Minnesota in 1914, becoming also superintendent of the Minnesota State Historical Society. During his long tenure in Minnesota he fought hard for the state's history, helping organize county historical societies, founding a quarterly periodical, and moving the Historical Society from the basement of the State Capitol to its own building. In 1931, Buck was appointed professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh, and when the U. S. National Archives were established in 1935 he was tapped to be Assistant Director, then in 1941 the second Archivist of the United States. In 1948, he joined the Library of Congress as chief of the Manuscript Division, then as Assistant Librarian until his retirement in 1954. He also served as the seventh president of the Society of American Archivists, from 1949-1951. As might be expected from such a career, Buck's gifts lay in organization, with a particular talent for bibliography; he became an international authority in archival economy. His works include Illinois in 1818, a sort of preamble to the Illinois Centennial History series; The Granger Movement, Travel and Description 1765-1865 (Ph. D. thesis, Harvard, 1911), which at his death was still considered the classic treatment of the subject; The Agrarian Crusade (1919); and, with his wife Elizabeth Hawthorne Buck, The Planting of Civilization in Western Pennsylvania (1939). Condition: Very good (Slight cover fading).

Keywords: Agricultural Organization, The Grange, Granger Movement, Farmers, Husbandry, Railway Legislation, Railroad Law of 1873, Federal Regulation, Staple Crops, Social Conditions, Economic Conditions, Political Influence

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