Life Makeovers; 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time

New York: Broadway Books, 2000. First Edition [stated], Later printing [stated]. Hardcover. Format is approximately 5.75 inches by 8.5 inches. [12], 209, [3] pages. Includes Lists. Resources, Acknowledgments, Introduction, and chapters on The Journey Begins!; New Year/New You; Finding Your Lost Self; The Challenge; The Gift of Time; What's Draining You?; The Magic of Grace; What's Fueling You?' The Power of Focus; Stop Juggling and Start Living; Check Under the Hood; Give Your Brain a Vacation; Spring into Fitness; Art We Having Fun Yet?; Two Heads Run Better than One; Stop, Look, and Listen; Creating Space; Focus Your Energy; Brake for Spontaneity; Early Warning Signals; Learning to Wait; Friends, focus, and Faith; Shine the Light; Close Encounters; Are You a Spiritual Pioneer?; Throw Caution to the wind; Standing in the Shadow; How's Your Backbone?; Let Financial Freedom Reign; Stop/Reflect/Reward; Kidding Around; Are You a Sleeping Beauty?; Spring-Clear Your Office; Stretch Yourself; Feathering Your Nest; Bring in the Reserves; Fix What's Broken; Preseason Checkup; Settle for More; Pamper Break Self-Care at Work, Life Accessories, The Power of Love, Mental Self-Care, People and Priorities, Great Gift Giving, The "Thank You' Game, The Benefits of Boredom, Stop the Madness, Shake Up Your Life, Sane and Special, and The Power of Prayer. Written in Cheryl's signature, hear-warming style, Life Makeovers is the ideal book for anyone looking for a balanced way to reclaim their life one step at a time. The author wrote: "For the last twenty-five years I’ve dedicated my life to the practice of self-care because it’s good for people and it’s good for the planet. From personal experience, as well as coaching a diverse group of clients, I’ve come to understand that when we care deeply for ourselves, we naturally begin to care for others – our families, our friends, the environment, and the whole world – in a healthier and more effective way." Author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Take Time for Your Life now shows you how to reclaim your life one week at a time. Cheryl Richardson, bestselling author and one of the most sought-after lecturers in the country, knows firsthand how tough it can be to juggle the daily demands of living in a fast-paced world, and how easily you can become disconnected from your true self and what makes you happy. In Life Makeovers, Cheryl has taken all the know-how and insight she has gleaned from her years as a personal coach and distilled it into a simple, year-long program that shows how making small changes, over time, can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. In fifty-two simple yet profound essays, Richardson provides a plan for both reflecting and taking action, along with specific, practical advice and exercises to help readers gradually and permanently remodel their lives, week by week. Easy to use and fun to read, this workbook is the perfect companion to Take Time for Your Life. Her brief, personal essays will inspire you to make changes, and her Take Action Challenges, which appear with comprehensive resource sections at the end of every essay, will guide you through small steps that will slowly teach you to think, act, love, work, and even laugh in a whole new way. Written in Cheryl's signature, heartwarming style, Life Makeovers is the ideal book for anyone looking for a balanced way to reclaim their life one step at a time. How often do you daydream about living a better life, a life that reflects more of you, your values and deepest desires? How many times have you come to the end of a busy week and toyed with the fantasy of packing a bag and leaving it all behind? The "Life Makeover" program is a powerful year-long program for change. It is designed to support you in changing your life one week at a time. Each chapter consists of a topic of the week and contains a Take Action Challenge and a Resources section to support you in taking action quickly and easily. Be prepared for your life to unfold in wonderful ways. As you clean up the clutter, reconnect with your inner wisdom, strengthen your character, and take on the challenges of high-quality living, you'll find that the lost parts of yourself start to come together to form a pretty amazing life! Condition: Very Good / Very good.

Keywords: Self-Help, Self-Care, Self-Improvement, Challenge, Focus, Fitness, Spontaneity, Spirituality, Freedom, Priorities, Living

ISBN: 0767906632

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