Nuclear Play Calculator; Department of the Army Field Manual FM 105-6-2

Washington DC: Department of the Army, Headquarters, 1964. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Three hole punched with metal fasteners. Format is approximately 9 inches by 11 inches. 6 pages plus many tabs with one or more pages per tabbed section. Rare surviving original copy. Ink notation on front cover. Pages 1/2 is ahead of page 'i', The contents include: Introduction (including Instructions for the use of the nuclear play calculator), Strike Assessment Procedures (including sections for cannons, free rockets, missiles, air delivered weapons, atomic demolition munitions and new weapons); Damage Determination, References,Sample Problem Strike Assessment, and Nuclear Play Calculator Aids (in envelope). The Aids are present. This manual includes tabbed sections on Cannons, Rockets, Missiles, Air-delivered weapons, Atomic Demolition Munitions and then by yield from 0.5 KT through 5 MT. The Tab for I KT is mislabeled 1 MT. This manual provides guidance on procedures and techniques for nuclear play during tactical exercises. This manual provides the necessary aids for the Aggressor to determine the damage to United States and Allied forces from nuclear strikes. The weapons systems in this manual are based on material contained in the Handbook on Aggressor Military Forces, FM 30-102. Aids envelop includes 8 plastic sheets of horizontal dispersion templates for cannons, free rockets and Guided missiles and air delivered weapons, and Damage circle templates for 1:50,000 and 1:25,000). The nuclear play calculator is a device for applying performance probabilities to nuclear delivery systems. The horizontal dispersion template is an aid used to determine the actual ground zero of a nuclear weapon. The damage circle template is an aid used in conjunction with the damage letters to evaluate the damage to personnel and equipment. The target element table, describes target categories and the damage to be expected within each letter damage circle. The Damage circle radii tables are a series of tables showing the damage radii based on the height of burst and the weapon yield. This manual reflects, the state-of-the-art, the state of knowledge, the state of training, and the state-of-tactical nuclear weapons employment during the height of the cold war, after the Cuban Missile Crisis and before the focus of the Army shifted to ground combat in Vietnam. Condition: Fair.

Keywords: Military Manuals, Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Military Training, Military Exercises, Damage Assessment, Atomic Demolition Munitions, War Games, Weapons Employment, Field Manual

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