NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Defense; FM 21-40

Washington DC: United States, Department of the Army, Headquarters, 1977. Presumed first printing thus. Wraps. Stapled on the left side and three-hole punched. Various paginations (approximately 175 pages, illustrations, fold-out. Front cover is illustrated and has wear and soiling. Writing on spine area. Rear cover is missing but this document appears to be otherwise complete. This FM supersedes FM 21-40, 17 May 1971, including all changes. Immediate Action Interim Change No. I01 dated 12 February 1982 (4 pages) laid in. This disseminates the revised first aid procedure for nerve agent poisoning and was considered critical in view of the recent replacement of nerve agent antidote with atropine. This manual tells how units of the United States Army can use the principles and techniques of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) defense in the conduct of combat operations. The probability that the U.S. Army will be outnumbered at the start of any future war makes it essential that every unit gain the highest level of survival proficiency and basic operational skills. The concepts of training to fight and factually fighting under NBC conditions are the same. This manual services two purposes. It provides doctrine and guidance for the commander and his staff in NBC defense, an d it provides the technical information necessary for chemical personnel and other personnel assigned NBC defense duties to evaluate NBC situations and advise their commander. This manual proves an overview of NBC Defense and discusses NBC defense organization and training, nuclear defense, biological defense, chemical defense, command and control for NBC defense, tactical application of NBC defense procedures, Intelligence and Reconnaissance, NBC Defense considerations in special operations, marking of contaminated or dangerous land areas, NBC protective clothing and defensive equipment, NBC defense annex to the unit sop, example of an NBC defense annex to a company sop, NBC other intelligence requirements for the intelligence annex to a division sop, NBC defense standards of proficiency, evaluation of NBC defense. and International Standardization Agreements. Condition: Fair.

Keywords: FM-21-40, Field Manual, Nuclear Weapons, Biological agents, Chemical Agents, NBC Defense, Protective Equipment, Weapon Effects, Hazard Prediction, Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP), Warning and Reporting System

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