Moon Mars

Space Ventures, Inc., 1991. Special Edition [stated]. Boxed set of 36 numbers cards, a reference index insert and a card with a description of the set one one side and an order form on the back. 36 card boxed set. Cards measure approximately 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, Box has some wear and soiling. One side is largely a 3-D sculpted color image. The other side has a small captioned photo and a text section. Cards are numbered at the lower right side, 1 through 36. The Reference index is not number nor is the descriptive card with the order form. Originally priced at $50. plus shipping for this Limited Collectors Edition set. From the first journey to the moon to the future missions to Mars, this unique, one-of-a kind 36 card set features the Apollo program's Lunar astronauts and spectacular Martian images, including the mysterious mile-long "face" in the Cydonia region of Mars. This set includes exclusive close-up photographs of all 11 retired astronauts who have walked the moon. The 36 cards are: The Astronauts Memorial, Alan Shawn Feinstein, "Face on Mars", Neil A. Armstrong - Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong- Inside LM on Moon, Buzz Aldrin - Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin - Moonwalk, Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. - Apollo 12, Pete Conrad - Holding Camera, Alan L. Bean - Apollo 12, Alan L. Bean - carrying ALSEP, Alan B. Shepard, Jr. - Apollo 14, Alan Shepard - Holding Flag, Edgar D. Mitchell - Apollo 14, Ed Mitchell - Consulting Map, David R. Scott - Apollo 15, Dave Scott - Saluting the Flag, James B. Irwin - Apollo 15, Jim Irwin - Next to Rover, John Young - Jump and Salute, Charles M. Duke - Apollo 16, Charlie Duke - At Plum Crater, Eugene A. Cernan - Apollo 17, Gene Cernan - Saluting; Harrison "Jack" Schmitt - Apollo 17, Jack Schmitt - With Flag and Earthrise, Mars - The Red Planet, Space Exploration Initiative, Viking - On Martian Surface, Mars Observer Mission, Mission to Mars - Phobos Base, U.S. - Soviet Joint Mission to Mars, Direct Mission to Mars, "The Case for Mars' Mission, Mars Mission - Transit System, and "The Journey" Condition: Very good / No DJ as issued. Box has some wear and soiling.

Keywords: Astronauts, Apollo Program, Space Program, Collector Cards, Alan Shepard, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Alan Bean, Jack Schmitt, Mars Exploration, Pete Conrad, Edgar Mitchell, James Irwin, David Scott, John Young, Charlie Duke, Collectibl

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Price: $100.00

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