New York Yankees (r) All*Game; Major League Baseball (r) National League (tm) American League (tm) Yankees All*Star Game N.Y.C. 2008

El Salvador: Majestic, 2008. One of multiple originals. Tee Shirt. This is 2 X-Large illustrated short-sleeve Tee-sheet. It is pre-shrunk and machine washable. Assembled in El Salvador of U.S.A. fabric. Machine dry on low. Do not iron. It is 100% cotton, with black as the primary color. The from has the printing shown in the title and sub-title lines and a large aerial image of Yankee Stadium in the front center portion and another smaller stadium image with the MLB logo below the bottom text. The back of the Tee-shirt has a center image of a third view of Yankee Stadium. The left side is devoted to the American League and presents Starters, Pitchers, and Reserves. The right side is devoted to the National League and presents Starters, Pitchers, and Reserves. The Tee-sheet shows some evidence of wear and soiling. Majestic Athletic is a leader in the production and sale of sports themed clothing and memorabilia. The announcement of Yankee Stadium as the site of the game was made by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on January 31, 2007, at New York's City Hall. Though it was the fourth game hosted at the Stadium and the eighth held in New York City, it was the first time since 1977 that the game had been played in the city (the last time also at Yankee Stadium). It had been speculated for months that the game would be held in Yankee Stadium, accelerated by the announcement that the 2008 season would be the 84th and final one for the stadium before the team moved into the new Yankee Stadium in 2009. Thus, it was seen as a fitting tribute to the old stadium that it host an All-Star Game in its final season. The 2008 Major League Baseball All-Star Game was the 79th midseason exhibition between the all-stars of the American League (AL) and the National League (NL), the two leagues comprising Major League Baseball. The game was played at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York City, home of the New York Yankees, on July 15, 2008, and began at 8:47 p.m. ET. The game ended at 1:38 a.m. ET the following morning. The home American League won 4–3 in 15 innings, giving home field advantage in the 2008 World Series to the AL champion, which eventually came to be the Tampa Bay Rays. By length of time, this was the longest MLB All-Star Game in history (4 hours and 50 minutes), and it also tied the mark for the longest game by innings played at 15 with the 1967 All-Star Game. Second baseman Dan Uggla of the Florida Marlins committed three errors, an All-Star Game record, none of which resulted in a run. J. D. Drew of the Boston Red Sox was named Most Valuable Player due to his two-run game-tying home run in the seventh inning. Drew won a Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid and the Ted Williams Trophy. It was the second All-Star Game in which the winning run was batted in by the Texas Rangers' Michael Young. Condition: Good / No DJ present.

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