Gear Shaper and Gear Generator; War Training Manual

East Hartford, CT: Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation, 1943. First Edition [stated]. Presumed first printing thus. Three Ring Binder. Various paginations (appears complete). Illustrations. Front cover stained, soiled and torn at the three holes. Binder worn/soiled. Preface indicates that his text is an attempt to make understandable most of the complexities faced in present machine shop practices. This book should not only proved of value to you while you are in the status of a learner but you will find your text a source of reference in the future and we hope that it will serve as a first step in the pyramid of knowledge. This book is a result of the untiring efforts and sincere cooperation of the men from the Pratt & Whitney Division of the United Aircraft Corporation who voluntarily have acted as instructors in the Defense Training Center. No one can become a skilled machine tool operator just through reading a book. But life is far too short for anyone to become a skilled machine tool operator through the trial and error method. Gear shapers are an invaluable machine tool for expertly shaping metal. Through a series of four processes, including a linear downward and upward motion of a cutter spindle, the shaper accurately cuts teeth for gears and is an excellent tool when broaching and hobbing options will not work for the needed application. Gear Generator is a tool for creating involute spur gears. In addition it may let you compose full gear layouts with connected gears to design multiple gears system with control of the input/output ratio and rotation speed. This Manual has the following sections: Rules and Regulations of Pratt and Whitney Aircraft; The Machine Tools with which the School shop is equipped. Introduction to the Machines in the School Shop; Small Tools with which the School shop is equipped; Small tools--uses and abuses; Tapers, Screw Threads, The American National Pipe Thread, Terms Relating to Heat Treating Operations. Gears, Fellows Important Parts of Machines, Lubrication, Coolants, Fellows Cutting Tools, Fellows Work Holding Devices, Set Up and Operation of the Fellows 6A-Type Gear Shaper, Set Up and Operations of the Fellows 7-Type Gear Shaper, Checking Spur Gears, Recutting Spur Gears, Gleason, Important Parts of the Gleason 12" Straight Bevel Gear Generator, Lubrication, Coolants, Gleason Cutting Tools, Gleason Work Holding Devices, Set Up and Operations of the Gleason 12" Straight Bevel Gear Generator, Roughing on the 12" Gleason Generator, Checking the Bevel Gears, and Recutting Bevel Gears. Condition: Fair.

Keywords: Machine Tools, Manuals, Tapers, Gear Shaper, Gear Generator, National Pipe Thread, Screw Threads, Heat Treating, Lubrication, Coolants, Cutting Tools, Work Holding Devices, Fellows 6A-Type, Fellow 7-Type, Spur Gears, Gleason 12 Inch Straight Bevel, R

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