Battlefield of the Cold War, The Nevada Test Site; Volume I, Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing 1951-1963, DOE/MA-0003

Washington DC: U. S. Department of Energy, 2006. Presumed First Edition, First printing. Wraps. vii, [1], 244 pages. Maps. Illustrations. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Endnotes. This work was written in conjunction with the opening of the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was a joint project of the Department of Energy Office of History and Heritage Resources and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Since its establishment in 1957, the Office of History and Heritage Resources (OHHR) has consistently sought to maintain a level of excellence in its publications that meets all scholarly standards and yet is accessible to the general public. At the same time, OHHR has partnered with DOE program offices and field sites to provide historical products that are useful and fill specific departmental needs. In this effort, OHHR has produced a broad range of prize-winning monographs, shorter histories, articles, chronologies, and other publications. Volume II, Underground Nuclear Weapons Testing, 1957-1992 was projected but does not appear to have been completed. This is a comprehensive history of an important chapter in the history of the Cold War, American atmospheric atomic tests at the Nevada Test Site and elsewhere, providing unique insight into the successes, failures, and controversies of the program. Contents: Introduction: Operation Big Shot, April 22, 1952 * Part I: Origins of the Nevada Test Site * Part II: Early Atmospheric Testing, 1951-1952 * Part III: The Trials and Tribulations of Atmospheric Testing, 1953-1954 * Part IV: Atmospheric Testing in the Balance, 1955-1956 * Part V: Atmospheric Testing Comes to a Close, 1957-1958 * Epilogue: From Moratorium to Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty, 1958-1963 * Appendix: United States Nuclear Tests, 1945-1958. From 1951 through 1958, the United States conducted 120 tests at the Nevada Test Site. These tests directly contributed to the creation and manufacture of bigger, smaller, better, and safer nuclear weapons that greatly enhanced the capabilities of the nation's security forces and helped deter an all-out hot war. Condition: As new, in shrinkwrap.

Keywords: Nuclear Weapons, Atmospheric Testing, Nevada Test Site, Test Moratorium, Test Ban Treaty, Nevada Proving Ground, Radioactive Fallout, Operation Big Shot, Atomic Energy, Ranger Series, Thermonuclear, Civil Defense

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