The File On The Tsar; The Fate Of The Romanovs-Dramatic New Evidence [From the dust jacket]

Jerry Bauer (Author Photographs) and Bill Rosenblu New York: Harper & Row, 1976. First U.S. Edition [Stated], First Printing [Stated]. Hardcover. 416, [6] pages. Illustrations. Drawings, Maps and Plans. Sources and Notes. Bibliography. Index. DJ is paperclipped and has some wear and soiling. Ink notation, not from author on front end paper. Anthony Bruce Summers (born 21 December 1942) is an Irish author. He is a Pulitzer Prize Finalist and has written ten non-fiction books. He worked for the BBC in current affairs coverage as a producer and then as an assistant editor of the long-running investigative documentary series Panorama. His first book was published in 1976. Summers has written about historical figures including Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, President John F. Kennedy, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, President Richard Nixon, and Admiral Husband Kimmel. He is author of a book on the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. He has written biographies of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Most of Summers' books were developed as TV documentaries. Summers published The File on the Tsar with former BBC colleague, Tom Mangold, in 1976. The book is on the disappearance and presumed execution of Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia, and his family. The Sunday Times said it "demolished the massacre story beyond recovery. There is not a dull page in this book." In the U.S.A., the Los Angeles Times called it "a compelling and impressive work", Cosmopolitan deemed it "sensational...a masterful work of great suspense, meticulously researched". In a comparison that must have pleased the authors, The Toronto Sun rated the book's "superlative investigative reporting that makes Woodward and Bernstein seem like beginners." Thomas Cornelius Mangold (born 20 August 1934) is a British broadcaster, journalist and author. For 26 years he was an investigative journalist with the BBC Panorama current affairs television program. In 1976 Mangold transferred to Panorama, still concentrating on investigative journalism and making over 100 documentaries in 26 years. In 1993 he won both the Business / Consumer Investigative Reports category in the CableACE Award in and also the Royal Television Society's Journalism Award. These were followed in 1996 by the bronze award in the Best Investigative Report Category at the New York Television Festival and in 1999 he won Investigative Reporting / News Documentary category in the Chicago International Television Competition. Mangold has been described in The Times as "the doyen of broadcasting reporters." The world was told that the last Tsar of Russia and his family were butchered in the 'cellar massacre' at Ekaterinburg in 1918. Yet diplomats and reporters did not believe it. And the longest court case of the century failed to explode Anna Anderson's claim to be the Tsar's youngest daughter, Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anthony Summers and Tom Mangold spent five years tracking down witnesses and long-lost documents. The search led to Moscow, Tokyo and Washington and their persistence finally paid off when they found a suppressed official dossier - the File on the Tsar. It shows that the public was fed a lie. The Romanovs did not all die at Ekaterinburg, but became pawns in an international power game, involving Lenin, the Kaiser, the British Royal Family and British Intelligence. And in London, over 80 years later, the cover-up goes on. Condition: Very good / Good.

Keywords: Tsar Nicholas, Romanov, Tsarskoe, Tobolsk, Ekaterinburg, Sergeyev Investigation, Sokolov, Anna Anderson, Yakovlev, Ipatiev House, Yakov Yurovsky, Pyotr Voikov, Mirilyuubov, Charles Eliot, Professor Francis Camps

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