Firefly Guide to Gems

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada: Firefly Books, 2006. Fourth Printing [stated]. Trade paperback. The format is approximately 5 inches by 7.75 inches. 224 pages. Illustrations (many in color). Color Key. Classification. Maps of gem locations. Glossary. Useful Addresses. Index. Cover has some wear, soiling, and a corner crease. Cally Oldershaw is a gemologist and science educator. She is the author of several very widely held books about gems. Oldershaw is Liaison Officer for the Geological Society of London and an examiner for the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. She also wrote the multiple parts of the Geological society of London series of booklets, Earth in our hands,[5] and many parts of the Series: Closer look at... series for children published by Copper Beech Books. A reference guide to gems, semi-precious stones and crystals. Gemstones and crystals are used for jewelry, industry, lasers and precision technology. Firefly Guide to Gems is a practical, compact guide to the identification and use of precious and semi-precious stones, novelty stones, agates and crystals. An introduction explains geology, chemistry and gemstone properties in clear and accessible terms. Key aspects of gemstones are explained such as crystal structures and optical and physical properties. The first section of the book focuses on precious gems in their many forms, with illustrations of priceless jewelry. Practical information includes: Fashioning and cutting; Types and shapes of cut; Collecting; Handling and storing gemstones; and Weighing and measuring stones. The second and main section supplies complete descriptions of a wide range of gems, organized by chemical composition, for instance: Carbon (diamond); Aluminum oxide (saphire and ruby); Phosphate (turquoise); and Silica (opal). A fascinating profile of each gem is accompanied with color photographs of the raw crystal, common cuts, and finally polished for use in jewelry. At-a-glance charts provide technical details such as refractive index, crystal group, luster, hardness and cleavage for each gem. Easy-to-read and abundantly illustrated, Firefly Guide to Gems is ideal for collectors and rockhounds. Condition: Good.

Keywords: Reference works, Mining, Crystal Structure, Optical Properties, Fashioning, Cutting, Synthetic stones, Gems, Diamonds, Birthstones, Enhancement, Gemlore, Measurement, Jewelry

ISBN: 9781552978146

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