The Korean War; The Story and Photographs

Washington DC: Brassey's, 2000. First Edition [Stated], First Printing [Stated]. Hardcover. The format is approximately 8.75 inches by 11.25 inches. xi, [1], 145, [9] pages. Illustrations. Maps, Chronology. Selected Bibliography. Index. DJ has minor wear and soiling. Rear end paper has a corner creased. Donald M. Goldstein is a retired United States Air Force officer, professor emeritus of public and international affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, where he taught for thirty-five years, a winner of two Peabody Awards, and author of many books. He has also taught at the Air Force Academy, the Air War College, the Air Command and Staff College, the University of Tampa, and Troy State University. He is considered the leading authority on the Pearl Harbor attack. Harry J. Maihafer graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1949. As a platoon leader in the Korean War, Mr. Maihafer earned the Silver Star for bravery and the Purple Heart. He received his M.A. degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri in 1966. He retired from the Army in 1969. He later authored six books on military history. This compelling photographic history examines the war in its entirety, from its causes and protagonists to the strategies, weapons and battles. THE KOREAN WAR: THE STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS is the latest book in Brassey's "America Goes to War" series. Published on the fiftieth anniversary of the Korean War, this compelling photographic history examines the war in its entirety, from causes and protagonists to strategies weapons, and battles. Donald Goldstein and Harry J. Maihafer have collected more than 450 vivid photographs, many never before seen by the general public. The book focuses primarily on the experience of the American fighting man, from the fierce defense of the Pusan Perimeter to MacArthur's surprise amphibious landing at Inchon, from the frozen hell of the Chosin Reservoir to the crucial battle of Chipyong-ni, and from daring air raids over Pyongyang to the deadly stalemate along the 38th parallel. The authors' narration provides expert insight, while the powerful photos give the reader a sense of immediacy and a unique perspective on "the forgotten war." Condition: Very good / Very good.

Keywords: Korean War, Pusan, Chosin Reservoir, 38th Parallel, Pyongyang, Inchon, Chipyong-ni, Douglas MacArthur, Eighth Army, 1st Cavalry Division, Naktong, Prisoners of War, POWs, Matthew Ridgway, Walton Walker, United Nations

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