Los Angeles: Bellarama Productions, 2008. Presumed First Edition, First pressing thus. CD. Signed on the front cover by Brent Spiner. In March 2008, Spiner performed alongside Maude Maggart in a radio show/musical, Dreamland, which was released as a CD album. Brent Jay Spiner (born February 2, 1949) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as the android Data on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994), four subsequent films (1994–2002), and Star Trek: Picard (2020–2023). In 1997, he won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Data in Star Trek: First Contact, and was nominated in the same category for portraying Dr. Brackish Okun in Independence Day, a role he reprised in Independence Day: Resurgence. Spiner has also enjoyed a career in the theater and as a musician. He's also known for voicing The Joker in the animated series Young Justice (2011-onward). Maude Amber McAfee-Maggart (born February 24, 1975) is an American cabaret singer and recording artist who performs throughout the United States and Europe, but most often in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. In 2005, she received the Backstage Ira Eaker Award, The Tony Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cabaret and the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (M.A.C.) award for Best Female Debut. The single CD, which features such standards as "Somebody Loves Me," "Some Enchanted Evening" and "Stranger in Paradise," boasts the vocal work of cabaret favorite Maude Maggart, Brent Spiner (Sunday in the Park with George, "Star Trek: The Next Generation") and Mark Hamill ("Star Wars"). John McKinney penned the arrangements. Screenwriter John Logan, in press notes, says "Dreamland" is "not just a collection of songs, [it] is a narrative. The album uses dialogue, sound effects, music and songs to tell a story, sparking the listener's imagination to 'see' the story like a movie. The songs have additional emotional power and meaning because they are in a specific context: they are part of the characters' lives and experiences, with the songs all grounded in a story." The recording was produced by Dave Way, McKinney and Spiner; the latter created the CD's concept. DREAMLAND, the debut record by Brent Spiner (best known as the robotic Data on TV’s “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), is eclectic even within the idiom of Trek actors releasing records. Spiner's dramatic heart seemingly cannot resist injecting an undercurrent of conflict into a collection of jazz standards, sung in duet with Maude Maggart. The album is presented as a sort of concept musical as Spiner pursues Maggart from New York City to the Land of Nod, with stretches of interstitial dialogue that range from off-kilter to downright demented. However, what lifts the record from the novelty realm of the ‘70s records released by the likes of Shatner and Nimoy is Spiner’s sincere adoration of the expressive jazz vocals of Johnny Mercer, Mel Torme, and the like. Passion pours out of the songs on Dreamland, and the presence of the incomparable chanteuse Maggart automatically bestows legitimacy on this thoroughly unique record. Cabaret sensation Maude Maggart joins actor and stage performer Brent Spiner in a most surprising and entertaining 50 minutess on CD. With storyline, sound, characters and song, this dreamlike "audio film" puts the listener's imagination in the driver's seat. Part musical, part film noir, the unique experience is a modern throwback to radio's golden era and is truly alive with sound! So relax, close your eyes and fall into a lush world of romance, suspense and wonderful music. Over 20 classics from the Great American Songbook help tell the story of a man who finds the woman of his dreams, only to wander into a nightmare. Condition: Very good.

Keywords: Concept Album, Jazz, Musical Standards, Johnny Mercer, Mel Torme, Some Enchanted Evening, Stranger in Paradise, Somebody Loves Me, Cabaret, Singers, Performers, Entertainers

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